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Give Your Practice a Pick-Me-Up

Healthcare has changed and so has most everything else—including the economic situation of practices and patients alike. During these trying times, practices are so consumed with finding ways to treat their patients that, all too often, the business-side of healthcare is taking a back seat.

So, if you’re facing challenges with your revenue cycle, it’s time to give your practice a boost—modmed® BOOST.

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PM + Services = modmed Boost

Combining Advanced Billing Services With Practice Management Software

modmed BOOST is our Business and Office Operations Services and Technology solution designed to help address the operational and financial aspects of your practice so you can focus on what matters most—your patients. Our experienced billing and operations team works with you and your staff to help solve billing challenges and put processes in place that help you get clarity into your performance.

And when integrated with our award-winning*, specialty-specific EHR system, EMA®, this all-in-one solution for your practice helps cover:

  • Claims processing
  • A/R management
  • Rejection/denial handling
  • Reporting
  • Patient collections
  • Scheduling
  • Check-in & checkout
  • And much more

*2020 Black Book™

Get Ready to BOOST Your Practice

The new normal is here and it looks to be staying for some time. Meet these changes with confidence by giving your practice a well-deserved BOOST.

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