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Integrate Seamlessly

Designed by ophthalmologists to enhance your practice's ecosystem

EMA stands out for the way it fits in

EMA stands out among other EMR systems, but easily fits in with seamless integration to your workflow and with other solutions.

Ease of Use

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Your job is to treat patients, not enter data. That’s why EMA’s simple, intuitive iPad interface is optimized for an ophthalmologist’s workflow, making accurate documentation and billing fast and nearly effortless.

Harness Deep Medical Knowledge

EMA delivers built-in medical knowledge specific to ophthalmology practices

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Clinical knowledge at your fingertips

Decision making algorithms provide lists of differential diagnoses, suggested work-up for certain diseases and suggested treatment plans. EMA contains over 200 histories and 1,000 diagnoses “out of the box.” No templates, no macros. The system learns how each doctor practices medicine and adapts that knowledge to their style of practice.


Experience the data revolution

Designed by ophthalmologists, EMA has the specialty-specific knowledge and workflow you need. Plus, through EMA’s medical network, you connect to the treatment knowledge provided by a nation-wide community of your ophthalmology colleagues. No other EMR system has it. Join the clinically driven EMA Network.

Image Management

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Ophthalmic image management via Sonomed Escalon’s AXIS™ iPad application gives you high-quality, high-resolution patient images through EMA in a click from virtually anywhere, anytime. Virtual access means you can review images for detailed comparison and analysis from virtually anywhere.

Learn more about EMA’s integration with AXIS.

Support You Can Trust

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Modernizing Medicine’s support team is with you from the beginning to ensure a smooth implementation and serves you throughout your client life cycle, making you feel secure and confident in your use of EMA. We treat our customers with personal care and attention.

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