Secure Messaging, Reminders, and Surveys

Communication Tools for Engaging Patients

Interfaced with our Practice Management system, Patient Reminders, Patient Surveys, On-Demand Messaging and Secure Messaging are communication solutions designed to help your practice stay in touch with patients and improve patient satisfaction.

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These new patient engagement tools can:

  • Allow two-way private messaging between patients and staff
  • Confirm appointments with automated texts, emails and phone calls
  • Remind your patients of upcoming appointments
  • Engage no-show patients for a future appointment
  • Update your patients with last-minute schedule changes or delays
  • Receive feedback after each appointment with automated patient surveys
  • Automate recall messages to engage patients to schedule follow-ups

Secure Messaging

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As part of our suite of patient engagement tools, Secure Messaging gives your patients and staff a way to communicate that’s just as convenient as sending a text. Unlike texting, however, our private messaging tool uses two-factor authentication and encryption.

Other features that can help your practice reduce phone calls with patients while improving patient satisfaction include:

  • Patient identification through phone numbers associated with their profile
  • Patient or staff-initiated text messages
  • Cloud hosted, offering you access from almost anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Configurable to restrict user access to certain patients
  • Notifications for newly received messages and messages unread by patients
  • Out-of-office messaging options

Patient Reminders

Patient Reminders offers a bidirectional interface with Modernizing Medicine’s PM system. When an appointment is confirmed or canceled by a patient via text, phone or email, it’s updated directly within the PM system, and patient confirmation status is updated hourly.

laptop with patient reminders

Appointment reminders

Patient Reminders uses patient-centered practices to help achieve a lower no-show rate. That means connecting with patients at different times through voice, text and email. Our standard setup is shown below but can be configured. Additionally, we can help you configure messages based on provider, appointment type and location.

Patient recalls (Included with appointment reminders)

By sending custom recall messages, you can help patients remember when to schedule their next follow-up, even if it’s several months away.

Self-Scheduling (Available as an add-on solution)

Patients can easily click a link in their appointment reminder to view available time slots, select one and enter their information. From there, we’ll send an automated message letting them know that their appointment is confirmed or awaiting staff confirmation.

On-demand messaging (Included with appointment reminders)

Does your office sometimes experience delays or schedule changes? Whatever the message, to whomever the audience and in a matter of minutes, you can message thousands of patients selected by schedule, provider, appointment type or pre-made groupings.

No-show engagement (Included with appointment reminders)

Despite your efforts, there will still be patients who don’t show for their appointment. If you choose to enable no-show engagement, patients marked in PM as no-shows will automatically receive a text or email from your practice asking if they’d like to reschedule. They can click the link in the message to call your practice directly.

Patient Surveys (Add-on)

Designed to give you the feedback that can help you better serve your patients, you can choose from three ready-made patient satisfaction surveys to send to patients via text and email.

  • Reputation Management: Turn satisfied patients into advocates and let dissatisfied patients provide feedback privately.
  • Visit Survey: The perfect survey to get actionable patient feedback and coordinate service recovery.
  • Practice CAHPS® – Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems: An in-depth survey that was built to mimic CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS) results so you can take a deep dive into the patient experience.

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