Prescription Drug Monitoring Program(PDMP)

An image illustrating the data exchange that occurs with PDMP solutions.

ModMed uses certain outside vendors to help our clients with industry regulations and get prescription decision support. These solutions are accessible from within our EHR solutions — helping your clinical team save time.


EMA clients have the opportunity to connect to Bamboo Health’s PDMP database. This solution provides access to 52 of the 54 prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) in the U.S. Physicians using our EHR, EMA®, have a link to access Bamboo Health’s PMP Gateway from within the platform, helping make it easier to access multi-state PDMP data during patient encounters. This interface is particularly relevant for physicians prescribing controlled substances — orthopedic surgeons, pain management physicians and Mohs surgeons.

gGastro® clients can connect to the PDMP solution provided by DrFirst. DrFirst performs a check of certain state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) databases — the information is available via an in-workflow link.

These PDMP solutions are only available in select states.

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