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EHR + PM + Patient Engagement + RCM + Analytics + Telehealth + More

We don’t need to be your first EHR & PM, but we want to be your last.

modmed Urology ecosystem


Why we’re ranked the #1 Integrated Solutions Vendor in 2021*

Built-in, urology-specific content, including suggested documentation and coding

Simplified tracking of patient health data designed to help spot trends and assist with chronic care management

Workflows that allow for the population of results into our EHR, EMA®, with the click of a button

Features that can help identify potential clinical trial candidates at the point of care

Analytics tools designed to easily identify patients lost to follow-up for high-risk diagnoses and more

What Your Peers Are Saying

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Nadeem Dhanani, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Urology at Modernizing Medicine®

“Physicians can continue to practice without interruption, and that is a relief.”

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Robert F. Hoofnagle Jr., MD, PA

“Since implementing EMA, our workflow has significantly improved. Not only in how efficiently we see our patients, but also how we flow within the office.”

*2021 Black Book™

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