ModMed AI Built on Trust, Transparency and Accuracy

Our approach to AI-assisted healthcare solutions

Staff burnout and shortages, modern patient expectations, increased documentation burden and the administrative drudgery that comes with it—the obstacles healthcare workers are facing today have never been more intense and diverse. Practices need answers and they need them fast.

The true value in AI lies in solving these challenges, but AI models are only as good as the data they’ve been trained on. Which means not all AIs are equal. So, what AI is best?

ModMed logo on a chip
ModMed logo on a chip

AI that makes YOU better

That’s what real, powerful AI should do. It should free up providers’ time to provide direct patient care. It should reduce administrative tasks, especially the manual ones. It should make patient experiences more enjoyable. In short, AI should support, not replace.

That’s why we’re developing and deploying a deep set of AI capabilities that streamline patient care and practice operations. ModMed® is taking responsible AI forward based on the core tenets of trust, transparency and accuracy.

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AI you can trust

Simply put, if you can’t trust that your AI is positively impacting your practice, then what’s the point? AI needs to support your medical decision-making, not make it for you. As health-tech companies accelerate new AI solutions, we should do so with great prudence and precision, weighing out the risks and rewards.

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AI that’s transparent

Data is what powers AI. But not all data is created equal. ModMed has the advantage of relying on specialty-specific, de-identified data to train our AI model for increased accuracy. We know what our data is and where it comes from and we believe that the better it is, the better we can provide for your practice.

AI that’s accurate

ModMed’s patent-pending approach and structured data technology powers our AI in ways that most can only imagine. Through the hundreds of millions of encounters in our data sets, we can create AI tools with a higher degree of accuracy that you can depend on. Because that’s what matters most.

Our AI vision

ModMed’s goal is to build the most well-trained, specialty-specific AI solutions. And we’re already making great strides, including in:

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AI-assisted documentation: Beyond transcription.

Machine learning that suggests structured elements of a visit note and enhances ModMed’s already advanced clinical solutions powering practice workflows.

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AI-assisted patient collaboration: Fielding requests.

Automatically routes messages​ to appropriate contacts in a practice, enabling patient self-service and improving practice response times.

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AI-assisted claims processing: Flagging denials.

Software that helps identify claims that have a high risk of denial before submission, taking pressure off of the practice billing team.

These initiatives amongst others are currently in various stages of development. For ModMed customers interested in participating in pilot programs, contact us here [email protected]
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