It’s about time for synergy at your ASC

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At ModMed®, we provide all-in-one, ophthalmology and GI-specific solutions to help build synergy with your clinic and ASC. It’s about time you felt more connected, and our #1 integrated EHR, PM and RCM* + ASC + Analytics + Patient Engagement + Payments solution can help.

Visit us at Becker’s ASC Review 28th Annual Meeting—BOOTH #204 to say hello to the ModMed team and goodbye to double charting. Discover ASC solutions to help complete procedure notes in minutes and explore reports that fit your specialty.

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Why switch to ModMed software for ASCs?

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It’s about time to reduce data entry

Imagine writing your procedure note in minutes. With our report writer, it’s possible. Pertinent information from your pre-op, nurses’ and anesthesia notes seamlessly flows into the procedure note, helping you document faster.

Carson McCafferty Headshot

Carson McCafferty, Clinical Director, Eye 35 ASC

“ModMed’s ASC platform has taken our ASC to the next level. Our processes are more efficient and it has helped foster safer outcomes for our patients. Our surgeons and staff agree that this platform allows for more time with the patient due to less time charting.”

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Samuel Gun, DO, FACOI, Tri-County Gastroenterology

“The all-in-one gastroenterology software has helped streamline our ASC operations and save time. The intuitive system adapts to my workflow, so I can document a procedure note in three minutes or less. I’m literally done with the report as the patient is leaving the room.”

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It’s about time for reports and notes that fit your specialty

At the core of our solution is our report writer, which puts key information on a single screen and makes it easy to generate a wide variety of ophthalmology- or GI-specific reports and procedure notes in minutes.

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It’s about time for ASC Quality reporting tools

Our report writer captures detailed data to support certain ASC Quality Reporting, Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery CAHPS Survey and other types of specialty-specific reporting for quality indicators for surgical procedures.

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Nichole Burke, RN, ASC Clinical Director

“I’ve worked in other ASCs that utilized other endoscopy report writer systems, which were cumbersome because they weren’t developed for GI…The system makes it possible to generate a wide variety of detailed reports and notes in just minutes.”

Trish Barker Headshot

Trish Barker, COO, Florida Eye Associates

“Our providers also liked the iPad functionality and the portability it offered to easily take from room to room, the hospital, ASC, home, etc.”

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It’s about time for seamless integration

Our system integrates with our all-in-one, ophthalmology and gastroenterology software suites, allowing for a seamless transfer of pertinent patient information from clinic to ASC.

Let’s Meet at Becker’s ASC Review 28th Annual Meeting

See how ModMed can help you build synergy with your clinic and ASC

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