Cloud vs. Server

It’s better in the cloud

Stay with the old? – Client Server-Based EHR

  • Large upfront hardware costs
  • Large upfront installation fees
  • Upgrades & enhancements may depend on vendor updates and may require self-installation
  • 3-5 year hardware replacement schedule
  • Modular electronic health records systems may increase costs
  • Additional IT support is needed to support hardware
  • Storage is limited on standard hardware
  • Physical security concerns with data on premises (natural disaster, access and theft)
  • Multiple locations and multiple databases are are difficult to manage and may require additional servers and hardware
  • Limited mobility
  • Increased potential for billing & coding errors due to having to maintain multiple versions
  • Possible interoperability issues with practice management systems
  • The practice may need to close during training and setup
  • Building templates and macros requires a time investment

Or move to the new? – Mobile, Cloud-based EMA®

  • Minimal upfront hardware costs
  • Minimal upfront installation fees
  • Upgrades & enhancements are done in the cloud for you—no need to install them manually
  • Little to no additional IT support is needed to support EMA in the cloud
  • Redundant cloud-based electronic medical records storage
  • Records accessible from almost any internet-enabled device
  • Native iPad app as well as web-based desktop platform
  • Automatic ICD-10, CPT and modifier coding based on diagnoses and location
  • Accurate coding and updates to coding algorithms can be done in the cloud with no additional upgrades
  • Your practice can remain open while you train and go live with EMA
  • Specialty knowledge is built into EMA from day one by practicing physicians
  • Touch-based interface and adaptive learning can save time and improve outcomes
  • Near real-time data analytics with nationwide peer benchmarking

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