It’s about time for an experience designed just for you

Your time is best spent connecting with your patients. So It’s About Time you get the information you need to help treat patients, run your practice and even get you and your staff out on time. Start your day below.

It’s about time for simple patient payments


  • Manually uploading balances
  • Retyping credit card info
  • Copays unpaid for 90+ days
  • Can’t take a bathroom break

You’re feeling more and more like a data entry clerk than a medical professional. There has to be a better way to get these payments where they need to go.

Reality Check: This isn’t what you pictured when you decided on a career in medical administration.

It’s about time for simple patient payments

Imagine taking patient payments as easily as you pay for your groceries. ModMed® Pay helps increase convenience with digital payment options, all pulled into Practice Management for easy access and timely collections. That’s a win-win — for your patients and your staff.


  • Multi-Payment Options
  • Transaction Sync
  • Real-time Statuses
  • Posts to PM System

“With ModMed Pay, everything is built into the system and patients can select the payment option that is most convenient for them to include text to pay, online quick pay, Patient Portal payments, and ModMed Kiosk payments.”

Sonia Krawczyk
Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Affiliated Dermatology

It’s about time to ditch your bridges


  • Scanning manual intake forms
  • EHR data won’t pull into PM
  • Billing staff overloaded
  • No time for a breather

Holding everything together on your own is a heroic effort, but there’s no time to recover like you deserve when true disconnection is a constant threat.

Reality Check: You built bridges to hold the office together, but it seems to be falling apart.

It’s about time to ditch your bridges

Sunset your patchwork system and get ready for a new day. ModMed’s fully integrated Practice Management (PM) system dynamically connects billing, administrative and clinical data, helping your practice run smoothly — from the first appointment to the final bill.


  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Document Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Financial Reports
It’s about time to stop chasing claims


  • 30 min call with insurance
  • Billing error results in denial
  • No visibility on coding patterns
  • Missed call from your spouse

Your billing cycle is stretching out. Your team is struggling to send an outstanding bill to a patient who moved, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find him.

Reality Check: The effort is there, but it feels like you’re running in circles.

It’s about time to stop chasing claims

Our comprehensive RCM services help stitch your processes together and reduce manual work for your team. From Practice Management that verifies eligibility to claims scrubbing and more, you can spend your time making decisions with real impact.


  • Claims Processing
  • Billing Specialists*
  • Denial Management
  • KPI’s & Analytics

*services may vary by specialty

It’s about time for quality connections


  • Scanning in paper waivers
  • Phone system overloaded
  • Updating patient info manually
  • Mid-afternoon headache

Patient satisfaction is everything, but your patients seem like they’d rather be somewhere else. And the clinic across town just installed a super convenient mobile app, according to their social media.

Reality Check: You work hard to make sure check-in goes smoothly, but manual processes are tripping you up.

It’s about time for quality connections

Improve the entire practice experience with Premium Patient Connect, an extra layer of patient engagement tools and services. With enhanced Kiosk features and mobile telehealth applications, plus more Portal functionality, you can dial up the convenience factor for patients and staff.


  • Extra Kiosk Features
  • More Portal Functions
  • Telehealth
  • ModMed Pay
  • PocketPatient™

“Patients have been excited to try the online check-in feature including our financial and HIPAA policies, and my staff has found the process in the office to be more efficient and pleasant for the patients using this new technology.”

Joe Atzenbeck, LT, USN (Ret.)
Chief Executive Officer and Clinic Administrator
The Clinic for Dermatology & Wellness, LLC


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