"If I had more time in my day, I'd love to spend it documenting."

– Said no one, ever.

You CAN reclaim your day with ModMed® Otolaryngology.

Meet the all-in-one ENT Software solution that knows how valuable your time is.

ModMed Otolaryngology ecosystem
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What if you could save as much as an hour and a half each day charting?

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What if it took your staff four minutes less per call to schedule a patient appointment?

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What if your software helped streamline your billing process?

What Your Peers Are Saying

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Michael Catten, MD, PC

“I finally have an EMR that is intuitive and set up for ENT.  It has really improved documentation and saved time.”

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Jeff Goodell, DO, ENT & Allergy

“EMA was built by otolaryngologists and has thousands of chief complaints, diagnoses and plans built in, so I can access a wealth of knowledge—and customize it if I choose—without having to spend all that time building templates.”

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Bert Brown, MD, Cleveland Ear Nose and Throat Inc.

“I document more quickly and more efficiently because it’s easier to use than my previous EHR system or paper. With EMA I’m able to see an extra patient an hour and save about ten to fifteen minutes each hour.”

Wouldn’t it be nice just to have the option to do the one thing, or the many things, you’ve been waiting to do?

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