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Why gGastro Suite?

The leading GI specific-software*, designed in part by your gastroenterology peers, now has a fresh, modern look. Whether you’re new to gGastro or experienced it in the past, you owe it to yourself to check out version 5.0. It offers GI-specific workflows to help streamline your documentation, staff communications and the patient experience — and is designed to be faster than ever.

GI-Specific Content and Workflows
  • GI-Specific Content and Workflows
  • Intuitive Patient Engagement Tools
  • In-Depth Analytics and Reporting
  • Modern Design, Browser Compatibility & Speed

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5 Reasons to Switch to gGastro 5.0 Our All-In-One Solution for GI Practices

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1. GI-Specific Medical Content Out of the Box

gGastro EHR 5.0 was designed to be faster than ever, helping you document more efficiently. It comes pre-loaded with GI content and helps you complete your documentation faster, with suggested coding and custom templates.

gGastro Mobile in phones

2. A GI EHR That Does Your Rounds With You

Whether you’re moving from room to room in your practice or at the ASC, doing your rounds at the hospital, or completing tasks from home, your EHR goes with you. With the gGastro mobile app, you can even see which patients are in the hospital, confirm the patient, add a few notes, and move on to the next task.

gPM - Eligibility Queue

3. Easily Manage Patient Flow & Appointments

Have a group of patients who are due for a colonoscopy? Generate a recall to send to their patient portals or emails. Need to check insurance eligibility? It’s right in the schedule. Need to fill an appointment slot? Pull up a waiting list of people who fit your criteria. Want to know which patients you’ll see in the exam room or the hospital? Our Appointment Status tool has the answer.

gPM - Payment Plan

4. Simplified GI Billing and Payments

It’s more efficient if patients understand their financial responsibility before they even get to your office. And when they are at your office, your staff knows how to talk about that responsibility and provide payment options or plans. Need extra billing support? Our modmed® gBOOST™ team can help you work toward your revenue cycle management goals.

screenshot of ePrescribe

5. Keeping GI Patients Engaged and On-Track

Gastroenterology patients with complex treatment plans or chronic conditions may need extra support. The right patient engagement tools can help your staff provide it. From providing access to health information, test results and statements online, to offering the convenience of telehealth appointments and custom reminders, gGastro’s solutions can help you connect with patients, while freeing up your staff.

What Your Gastroenterology Peers are Saying

Samuel Gun, DO, FACOI, Tri-County Gastroenterology

Samuel Gun, DO, FACOI, Tri-County Gastroenterology

“The beauty of having all-in-one gastroenterology software is that it simplifies our processes and reduces redundancies. Having the whole chart accessible in one easy-to-use system is very beneficial for patient care. In addition to increased transparency, I spend less time documenting and more time with patients.”

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