11 Considerations When Switching Ophthalmology EHR Systems

Thinking about making the switch to a new electronic health records (EHR) system? In today’s changing healthcare environment, it’s important to find a solution that is flexible, adaptable and can help your practices save time, so you can focus on providing your best care to patients.

Top factors to consider include:

  • An ophthalmology-specific EHR system: One size does not fit all. Look for a system that makes built-in ophthalmic knowledge available at your fingertips. A system with an adaptive learning engine can learn your specific preferences, saving you valuable time with each patient.
  • Your practice’s needs: How many providers and additional users will utilize the system? Will a current staff member have the resources to help with the implementation process or will you have to consider hiring someone? How much training will your team need to truly succeed?
  • Timing and your resources: The right time to move forward can vary from practice to practice. Budget, resource availability and other office logistics can play a role.
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Thinking About Making the Switch?

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