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Create Efficiencies

Nearly effortless documentation and billing in EMA

Because every minute matters

in your medical practice and in your life. Orthopedic surgeons who use Electronic Medical Assistant® EMA™ for their EHR system see a full patient load and can leave the office on time. Feel confident you can go home each day knowing that your charts are done and coded accurately in EMA Orthopedics.


Touch-based technology makes documenting an exam easier.

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Touch-based, mobile EMR

You’re always on the go – don’t let your EMR system slow you down. Document impressions and diagnoses, order MRI’s and prescriptions, all in the palm of your hand while in the exam room. EMA makes work easier for you and improves patient experience.

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Orthopedic knowledge, at your fingertips

What if all of your orthopedic medical knowledge could be accessed in the palm of your hand? It can be. Orthopedic surgeons built EMA Orthopedics with the specialty wisdom you need. EMA works like you do and has no templates or macros to slow you down.


Intuitive user experience

EMA is easy. Because orthopedic surgeons built EMA, they designed it to think like orthopedic surgeons think. It mimics workflow and intuitively adapts to your preferences to help you work faster and finish your day sooner.

Adaptive Learning

  • Adaptive Learning

What qualities do you like in your favorite medical assistant?

How long did it take for you and your right-hand assistant to develop a solid routine? Right out of the box, EMA remembers how you like to practice and what diagnoses you see most frequently – even your most used injections. Your top ten preferences auto populate at the top of the screen. And EMA anticipates your needs – which can save you precious time.

Enhance Your Workflow

Imagine if you built your workflow into an EMR system. That’s EMA Orthopedics. EMA is diagnosis driven and enables you to anticipate exam findings, place them on the body, counsel the patient, prescribe the medications for pain control, inject the patient and be done. All of this is done using a touch screen, so your history, exams, impressions and plans are documented automatically.

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Access Data Virtually Anywhere

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The office, hospital, home and away

EMA’s cloud-based technology gives you freedom, without being tethered to a computer or paper chart. Almost any web-enabled Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone will work.

Document Nearly Effortlessly

Don't like to type? You don't have to. Simply point and touch. It's that easy. And no typos! Save time, and ease frustration with EMA's easy documentation.

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Say goodbye to charting

EMA’s data collection makes it easy to create prescriptions for pain medication, education handouts for the patient and your encounter form – including the CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS codes completed with modifiers.

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Focus on your patients

Don’t let an EMR system get between you and your patients. No typing on a keyboard means that you don’t have to turn away from your patients. In fact, EMA makes it easy to educate patients and engage them in their care.

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Eliminate cloning

Having different patients with identical or nearly identical medical records is not only sloppy record keeping, it’s also an area of concern by regulatory agencies. Physicians using EMR systems with templates and macros may be more likely to be targeted for audit. EMA is a data-driven EMR system so every patient’s record should be specific to their visit.

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