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Switch up your RCM game with ModMed®

What has your RCM vendor done for you lately?

Does it ever feel like whenever there’s a denied claim or patient concern, your RCM vendor isn’t there? Ever find yourself doing the work you thought you were paying them to do?

Maybe it’s time you had a vendor who’s there when you need them the most. One that works with you to answer patient questions and proactively resolve issues. A company that also happens to be your EHR vendor – ModMed®.

A woman checks for updates our team has made within practice management.

Why ModMed?

We don’t just do RCM, we have the #1-rated combination of EHR + PM + RCM.* Here’s what we offer that makes the billing process easier for you, your staff and your patients—adding that human touch that makes all the difference when it comes to collecting what you are owed and earning your patients’ trust.

ModMed BOOST and ModMed gBOOST teams help answer patient questions through our call center.

Personalized Support

At ModMed you receive specialty-specific billing support tailored to your needs.

Dedicated Call Center

Does your staff need help fielding patient calls? Our call center may be able to help.

Monthly Financial Checks

Every month, we review progress toward your goals and suggest areas of improvement.

Claims Management Support

Our team submits claims on your behalf and works with you to resolve denials.

What Your Peers Are Saying

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Kelly Tepedino, MD, Lake City, Florida

“RCM has exceeded my expectations and has been seamless from the start. The average turnaround time for my payments is 22 days, and our denial rate is only 2 percent, which is impressive and a huge weight off my shoulders. It’s really rewarding to be able to watch our cashflow grow.”

*2021 Black Book™

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