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Create Efficiencies

Save time with effortless documentation and billing

What is your time worth?

Doctors using our EMA Dermatology™ for their practice’s EMR system consistently save 60 to 90 seconds on every patient they see. This adds up to an average of 1 to 1½ hours — everyday. By using our dermatology-specific, touch-based EMR system, physicians can focus on treating their patients, enabling them to see more patients and get out of the office ahead of time.


Tap your way through exams without tedious typing


Touch-based, mobile EMR

Real-time documenting in the exam room so that your notes, prescriptions, bills, pathology requests, etc. are done before you leave the room. Using our iPad-based EMR system helps you to expedite exams while providing focused patient care.


Dermatology knowledge, at your fingertips

EMA’s job is to quickly and easily help you do your job, not create more work. The only people who understand your job quite like you are the practicing dermatologists who designed EMA with deep specialty-specific knowledge.

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Intuitive user experience

EMA is the intelligent EMR system that thinks like you do. It intuitively adapts to your unique style of practice and remembers preferences, helping you move through an exam, document and bill faster.

Adaptive Learning

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Intelligent and highly customizable

EMA’s adaptive technology uses predictive algorithms to learn how you practice and adapts to your unique style of medicine. The conditions you treat most often are moved to the top of the list; no more clicking through to find your most common treatments.

EMA can remember your laser settings, units of Botox used for a given area of the face and even your choice of anesthesia and suture for biopsies. Input anything once, and EMA will remember. Like a great medical assistant, EMA anticipates what you need without your asking for it.

For any dermatologists who haven’t already committed to an Electronic Medical Records system—or even those, like us, who already had—I think it’s important to take a look at EMA. It’s so different from anything else that’s out there. I really do think it’s going to modernize medicine. Mark Gaughan, MD

Enhance Your Workflow

EMA is built by physicians, for physicians, and is designed precisely for a dermatologist’s workflow. Everything you need is built in to one intuitive and powerful platform, including diagnoses, procedures and treatment regimens. Plus, EMA integrates with over 400 practice management solutions for seamless end-to-end workflow.

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  • Our learning algorithm generates your list of top complaints.

  • Identify the location of a skin lesion with the touch of your fingertip

Access Data Virtually Anywhere

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Access patient data virtually anywhere, anytime

With EMA, your patient data is mobile and so are you with our cloud-based technology that allows you to quickly and easily access your clinical information virtually anywhere, at virtually anytime from a Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone. Our web-based system is scalable and easy-to-use.

Learn why it’s better in the cloud

Make Documentation Easy

EMA allows you to document with detail, faster — making your practice more efficient. Using EMA saves you time in your day.

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Say goodbye to charting

EMA streamlines your clinical documentation so you do not have to fill out dozens of forms for the same patient. With just one set of touch-based interactions, EMA automatically generates your notes, prescriptions, patient education, lab requests, pathology requisition and bills.

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Focus on your patients

Shift the burden of creating a chart to EMA and allow for more patient face time and easier patient interaction. No more typing or turning your back on your patients. With EMA, your new paperwork process can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

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Eliminate cloning

Stop using templates and macros. With EMA, your patient data is structured and organized to facilitate unique follow-up information with the touch of a button. This information is specific for what you treated, how you treated it, when you treated it and how the patient responded.

Virtual Exam Room™

Reduce redundancies with built-in diagnoses and preference adaptation

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By adapting to specific practice preferences at every level, the exam lane becomes the express lane. With over 5,000 built-in diagnoses, EMA presents relevant plans for the current diagnosis and anticipates specific treatment aspects – all on a single, touch-based screen.

  • Visit notes
  • Encounter forms (including billing with modifiers)
  • Prescriptions
  • Referring physician letters and faxes
  • Pathology requisitions
  • Clinical laboratory orders
  • Patient education materials

Interactive Anatomical Atlas

The EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™ is a zoomable, 3D layered way to manipulate body images. Dermatologists can click over 36,000 touch-points on the body and peel back the skin to reveal the muscles, joints and tendons.

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  • View and demonstrate various levels of muscle and bones

  • Pinpoint locations of acute and chronic pain

  • Determine the specific site for joint and muscular injections

Increase Your ROI

What is your time worth? This simple calculation just might surprise you.

EMA has been shown to save an average of 90 seconds per patient. Use this ROI calculator to determine what that 90 seconds is worth over the course of a year.

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Saving 90 seconds per patient with EMA gives you:

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Increased Daily Quality of Life: --
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