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See why life (and your data) could be better in the cloud.

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What’s Life Like in the Cloud? Easy.

Being a doctor. Managing a practice. Running a business. It’s not easy.
But, what if one simple change could make it all a little easier?

Experience all the benefits of cloud conversion, now, including:

  • Google Chrome compatibility, modern design and speed
  • Automatic software updates through the cloud
  • Easier access to patient data
  • Support that helps reduce IT resources, tasks and costly EHR system maintenance
  • Ease of adding new users and working remotely
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Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Edward Jurkovic, DO, Digestive Disease Consultants

Michael DiMarino, MD, DiMarino-Kroop-Prieto Gastrointestinal Associates

“Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology ties all pieces of an electronic health record together, creating a seamless flow of information. It is the only health record I know that has a built-in endoscopy writer, allowing results, impressions and orders to populate the office chart automatically.”

“Since moving to the cloud, we’ve had significant improvements in consistency and far less downtime. We know that when a problem comes up, it will be fixed in a few minutes, not a few hours.”

— Dr. Michael Weinstein, President and CEO, Capital Digestive Care

Patient History
Why Better Access Matters

A 2018 study* found that the improved ease of access to patient history helps providers improve care and may help them focus on information that reduces the occurrence of medical diagnostic errors.

*Ahmadi M, Aslani N. Capabilities and Advantages of Cloud Computing in the Implementation of Electronic Health Record. Acta Inform Med. 2018; 26(1):24-28. doi:10.5455/aim.2018.26.24-28

Possibility Lives in the Cloud

Learn why GI practices and surgical centers and hospitals are seizing the opportunity to switch to the cloud now.