Modern Payment Options for the Modern Patient

Quick pay and text to pay now available for gGastro®

Offer patients the convenience they’re looking for

Practices using gGastro and gPM™ can now offer patients additional payment options. We’re incorporating two new features with ModMed® Pay for gPM: online quick pay and text to pay.

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of patients place importance on being able to make payments easily when deciding whether or not to see the same doctor as before4**

– According to ModMed 2022 Patient Experience Report: What Patients Really Think

Allow patients to make payments through your website with online quick pay

Offer convenient access to a custom quick pay page directly from your website, allowing your patients to make payments 24 hours a day. Providing this URL on statements and collection letters may help speed up payment times and improve the patient experience.

Text to Pay with Invoice

Allow patients to make payments with their mobile device with text to pay

When interfaced with gReminder+, ModMed Pay now offers a text to pay option that will send patients an SMS with a link to your quick pay page where they can make payments from their phone.

Patient on their mobile phone.

About ModMed Pay

Patient Payment Processing. Simplified.

Today’s patients pay bills online and use their mobile phone to send payments to friends and family. As part of a full suite of solutions, ModMed Pay can help you meet the expectations of the modern patient, while helping to improve practice efficiency and reduce data entry.

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Integrating ModMed Pay with gGastro can benefit your practice by:

  • Catering to patient needs by offering modern payment processing methods, such as online quick pay, text to pay, ModMed Kiosk in-office payments and Patient Portal payments
  • Helping increase the number of on-time payments by offering patients the option to save “cards on file” for payment plans and autopay.
  • Helping reduce the margin of error from manual payment data entry
  • Running reports in near real time with payment data automatically updated in gPM


We wanted to know what patients thought about the online and mobile payment options available at their doctor’s office. So we asked.

According to our ModMed 2022 Patient Experience Report: What Patients Really Think*:


Of patients are more likely to pay a bill faster if given an online option37**

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Of patients are likely to store credit card information on file to make payments automatically39**

*These two random double-opt-in surveys, both of which used a panel of 1,500 insured and 500 uninsured Americans, were commissioned by ModMed between Feb. 2 and Feb. 4, 2022. They were conducted by market research company OnePoll, whose team members are members of the Market Research Society and have corporate membership to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). Unless otherwise stated, the term “patients” refers to the respondents of this survey.
4, 37, 39 See survey questions 4, 37 and 39 in the Appendix of the ModMed 2022 Patient Experience Report: What Patients Really Think
**Data reflected is a combined stat of ‘very important’ and ‘somewhat important’, ‘very likely’ and ‘somewhat likely’, or ‘strongly agree’ and ‘somewhat agree’ as applicable.
Text to pay requires gReminder+

Discover Our Payment Processing Solutions for GI

Discover Our Payment Processing Solutions for GI