ADVENT ENT Reports Successful Expansion During COVID-19 Pandemic


The ENT clinic added more surgeons and providers last year after updating their ENT software system. 

BOCA RATON, Fla.—December 14, 2021—The seamless workflow now possible with an updated  ENT software system from ModMed® saved staff time and frustration at the 10-location ADVENT Clinic. It also set up ADVENT to succeed — even as many ENT providers struggled — during the pandemic.

In fact, ADVENT was able to proceed with its growth plan for 2020 and added three new providers and two new ENT surgeons. By summer 2021, ADVENT expected to have six surgeons and 30 providers at its 10 physical locations, which will also help cover virtual consultations.

Before ADVENT chose a cloud-based ENT EHR, the business had been bogged down with an EHR system designed for multiple provider types. This left physicians and staff feeling like they were working for the EHR, not the other way around. Realizing their ENT practice management software needed modernizing as well, the group selected all-in-one ENT software to include EMA®, the award-winning* ENT EHR system, as well as ModMed’s Practice Management (PM) system.

“We were nearing the end of our contract with a ‘big-box’ software system,” explains Bruce Apgar, EHR Manager at ADVENT. “We considered another vendor, only to experience so many workarounds in our day-to-day workflow that we had no choice but to look for other solutions. That brought us to ModMed, which offers a very specialty-specific software system for ENT.”

New capabilities include providing clinical protocol availability and syncing directly with the clearinghouse. The clinic also utilizes application programming interfaces (APIs), through ModMed synapSYS, to connect with other resources in the healthcare community.

ADVENT implemented EMA in two phases. In the Fall of 2019, one of the Illinois locations went live before their big-box contract ran out. “It was a challenging time — working on two very different systems for scheduling, authorization, billing and more, so we switched them to ModMed first,” Apgar said.

“Next, we went live with our second phase in March 2020 in the midst of the pandemic.”

This required remote training, and their back-end team appreciated having one integrated system. “Without a user-friendly platform, we would not have been as successful with making this quick shift,” he explains. “There were definitely benefits in being able to reduce some steps to complete basic functions, and the cloud-based system allowed us to really control access into the system. That is not something we were able to do before.”

For more information about the ModMed ENT suite, please visit ModMed at modmed.com/ENT

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Founded in 2004 by Dr. Madan Kandula, board-certified otolaryngologist sinus and sleep surgeon, and Dr. Gwen Kandula, audiologist, ADVENT is an alternative to conventional ENT practices. Having realized no other industry would treat consumers the way they’re treated in healthcare, ADVENT resolved to redefine the patient experience, leaving behind the long wait times, uncertainty and dismissal, and moving toward innovation, memorable care and simple in-office solutions.

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