Modernizing Medicine is Unanimously Voted In as a Member of the Exclusive HIMSS EHR Association

Partnerships in Clinical Trials – Orlando, FL – April 22, 2013 – Modernizing Medicine, the creator of the Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic medical records (EMR) system, today announced that it has been unanimously voted in as a member of the exclusive HIMSS Electronic Health Record (EHR) Association, a trade association of EHR companies addressing national efforts to create interoperable EHRs in hospital and ambulatory care settings.

“We welcome Modernizing Medicine to the team and look forward to working with them,” said Mickey McGlynn, EHR Association Chair and Senior Director of Strategy and Operations for Siemens Healthcare.  “Every new member brings fresh perspectives and energy to the work we do in representing the industry and our customers on a variety of impactful issues.”

Members of the EHR Association work together to accelerate health IT (HIT) adoption, advance interoperability and provide education to all healthcare industry stakeholders including standards organizations and policymakers.  Members share the belief that widespread EHR adoption will help improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of the US healthcare system. The EHR Association has been providing testimony, comments and education to federal legislators and policymakers since its inception in 2004. Along with codifying ONC, establishing financial incentives through the meaningful use program, and support for HIT training programs, the organization’s ongoing efforts established the basis for broader collaboration.

“Modernizing Medicine is honored to be a member of this prestigious organization,” said Charles L. “Chuck” Brodsky, Executive Vice President of Business Development. “Our team is looking forward to making contributions to improvements in patient care and clinical research with our colleagues in the industry.”

In just over three years, Modernizing Medicine has captured more than 14% of the U.S. dermatology market with more than 2,400 providers using EMA daily in their practices.  Earlier this year, Modernizing Medicine introduced the EMA Network™ featuring EMA Outcomes™ and EMA Grand Rounds™.  EMA Outcomes visualizes and trends patient information over time to provide a snapshot of the patient’s chart without having to flip through it, and EMA Grand Rounds instantaneously contextualizes treatment patterns at the point of care across millions of patient encounters. The EMA Network supports the EHR Association’s mission of providing the healthcare industry with optimal patient care and productivity. To learn more, visit Modernizing Medicine booth #418 at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Conference this week.

About Modernizing Medicine
Modernizing Medicine is delivering the next generation of electronic medical records (EMR) technology for the healthcare industry. Our product, Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), is a cloud-based, specialty-specific EMR system with a massive library of built-in medical content, designed to save physicians time. Available as a native iPad application or from any web-enabled Mac or PC, EMA adapts to each provider’s unique style of practice and is designed to interface with hundreds of different practice management systems. Today, Modernizing Medicine provides specialty-specific offerings for the dermatology, ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics and plastic and cosmetic surgery markets, and to more than 800 physician practices across the country.  In 2013 Modernizing Medicine was listed at No. 47 on FORBES annual ranking of America’s Most Promising Companies.

About the EHR Association
Established in 2004, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Association is comprised of more than 40 companies that supply the vast majority of operational EHRs to physicians’ practices and hospitals across the United States.  The EHR Association operates on the premise that the rapid, widespread adoption of EHRs will help improve the quality of patient care as well as the productivity and sustainability of the healthcare system as a key enabler of healthcare transformation.    The EHR Association and its members are committed to supporting safe healthcare delivery, fostering continued innovation, and operating with high integrity in the market for our users and their patients and families.  For more information, visit
The EHR Association is a partner of the Health Information Systems Management Society (HIMSS).

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