Modernizing Medicine Saves Plastic Surgeons Time and Money With EMA Plastic Surgery™

NEW ORLEANS, LA–(Marketwire – Oct 26, 2012) – Modernizing Medicine, the creator of the Electronic Medical Assistant™ (EMA), a cloud-based specialty-specific EMR application, announced today that it has launched EMA Plastic Surgery™, a new ONC-ATCB Certified EMR for plastic surgeons. This is the fourth specialty-specific EMR launched by the company, joining EMA Dermatology, EMA Ophthalmology and EMA Optometry.

EMA Plastic Surgery is a touch-based mobile EMR, built by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons, which helps them save time and money. Since no two plastic surgeons practice the same way, Modernizing Medicine built EMA Plastic Surgery with an adaptive learning system, which observes and adjusts to each doctor’s unique practice style. EMA Plastic Surgery has over 2,000 diagnoses, treatment plans and billing codes, which a user can select with just a few clicks. EMA remembers the way a surgeon likes to practice, pulling up the surgeon’s most frequently used content first.

Organize, Customize and Optimize with EMA Plastic Surgery

EMA Plastic Surgery is a solution to the unstructured way that most EMR’s organize information. It translates the way plastic surgeons think about problems into a system from which they can pull information and document their appointments.

“Many of the EMRs available on the market today are cookie cutter in that they don’t cater to specific specialties and don’t learn the way a specific physician practices,” said Daniel Cane, CEO and co-founder of Modernizing Medicine, “EMA Plastic Surgery complements the efforts of a plastic surgeon’s medical team — learning their preferences, likes and dislikes, and allowing them to have a very customized experience. Non-specialty-specific EMR’s require physicians to build templates and macros. EMA Plastic Surgery does not. It learns practice patterns, making implementation to use faster and simpler.”

Most plastic surgeons deal with a large variety of procedures and EMA Plastic Surgery enables them to complete these varied evaluations and exams in a simple user-friendly way. EMA Plastic Surgery also simplifies the documentation process and helps physicians improve accuracy in coding and billing.

“Time is a plastic surgeon’s most valuable resource and key to the practices’ ROI,” said Tim A. Sayed, MD, FACS, Medical Director for EMA Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sayed is a practicing board certified plastic surgeon and lead developer of EMA Plastic Surgery. “Today, insurance companies demand more documentation for diagnoses and treatment plans for reimbursement, so doctors must comply. EMA Plastic Surgery helps streamline the documentation process, saving plastic surgeons time and freeing them to spend more time with their patients and in the operating room, rather than with their charts and computers. EMA Plastic Surgery lets physicians simultaneously document a diagnosis, submit a prescription, develop a bill, request a lab and create a report and a patient handout. EMA makes it so the whole documentation process can be handled in as little as five minutes.”

Key Features of EMA Plastic Surgery – Interactive Anatomical Atlas

EMA Plastic Surgery allows a plastic surgeon to click over 15,000 touch-points utilizing its Interactive Anatomical Atlas, a high-resolution anatomic body illustration to assign diagnoses and treatments. Modernizing Medicine’s unique Interactive Anatomical Atlas is a zoomable, multi-view, three-dimensional layered tool to characterize findings on the body. The Interactive Anatomical Atlas is a built-in library of highly specific anatomic zones, allowing the user to work from the skin to deeper structures like muscles, joints and tendons when rendering findings and recommendations based on location. The Interactive Anatomical Atlas makes complex patient examinations easy. A simple touch in EMA Plastic Surgery characterizes a diagnosis and allows the surgeon to visually assign findings and plans to anatomic regions of interest.

Unlike many client/server-based EMR systems, which are more expensive to implement and maintain, EMA Plastic Surgery is cloud-based and available anywhere on any enabled device. Cloud technology gives practices the freedom to more easily migrate among technologies, and the ability to implement an EMR with lower costs for installation and maintenance. Surgeons starting practices and those seeking to reduce paper clutter may be especially attracted to EMA as a cost-effective, powerful way to move to a digital office experience. Modernizing Medicine updates EMA Plastic Surgery on a regular basis, allowing plastic surgeons to have the latest knowledge and toolkits in real time, without complex installations.

About Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine is delivering the next generation of electronic medical records (EMR) technology for the healthcare industry. Our product, Electronic Medical Assistant™ (EMA), is a cloud-based specialty-specific EMR with a massive library of built-in medical content, designed to save physicians time. Available as a native iPad application or from any web-enabled Mac or PC, EMA adapts to each provider’s unique style of practice and is designed to interface with over 400 different practice management systems. Today, Modernizing Medicine provides specialty-specific offerings for the dermatology, ophthalmology, optometry and plastic surgery markets, and to more than 650 practices across the country.