Modernizing Medicine® Showcases Single-Screen Innovations at the 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting


Simplified user interface for ModMed® Ophthalmology creates a new and faster workflow that helps save time and could enable physicians to see more patients

BOCA RATON, Fla.—July 23, 2021—Modernizing Medicine® today announced it has enhanced its electronic health records (EHR), EMA®, with functionality that can help to speed up documentation by removing steps in note-taking and allowing for quick editing, importing charts and more.

These new and improved workflows for clinical documentation are helping ophthalmologists create and manage SOAP notes from a single screen removing the need to hunt for patient information across multiple tabs. From clinical results to procedural details, our comprehensive platform allows practices to see additional patients, operate more efficiently and deliver more personalized care.

“EMA is so intuitive that I can document a patient visit with just a few taps. After the technician workup for my post-operative visits, almost all of my exam findings, counseling, and assessment can be done with a single Protocol,” said Dr. Byron “Trip” Cook from Woolfson Eye Institute. “I’m able to streamline those encounters and focus more on engaging with the patients instead of documenting in the chart.”

Practicing ophthalmology is facing increasing challenges from a variety of shifts taking place across the specialty, including decreasing reimbursements, the growing role of optometrists, and increased patient volume due to baby boomers seeking eye care treatment. Modern practices are embracing these shifts by looking at efficiency across the entire practice and adopting time-saving technologies to serve as the backbone to their operations.

“We’re continually innovating how providers document patient exams to reduce the number of clicks, amount of scrolling and page load time. It’s no longer enough to simply have an EHR. It’s about having an EHR that is highly intuitive and keeps the flow of patient visits running smoothly,” said Dr. Michael Rivers, Director of Ophthalmology at Modernizing Medicine. “These days, to truly drive efficiency, even shaving off seconds from every patient visit adds up and we’re continually looking for ways to improve the patient-physician experience while also helping to drive down costs of care.”

At the 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Modernizing Medicine will demonstrate some of its latest single-screen innovations that simplify:

  • Follow-up examination note – faster follow-ups in just a few clicks

  • Clinical summary – offering a fast and immediate view of key patient data history

  • Eye exams – streamlined documentation functionality

Modernizing Medicine will be at booth #1819 during exhibit hours on July 24-26, 2021 where the team will demo its solutions built by practicing ophthalmologists. To set up a time for a demo, please visit modmed.com/meet-at-ascrs.

For more information about the ModMed® Ophthalmology suite, please visit Modernizing Medicine at modmed.com/Ophthalmology.


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