Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® Ranks First Among Specialty Specific EHRs for Dermatologists Successfully Attesting for Meaningful Use

Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® Ranks First Among Specialty Specific EHRs for Dermatologists Successfully Attesting for Meaningful Use

BOCA RATON, FL – April 10, 2013 – Modernizing Medicine, the creator of the Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), a cloud-based, specialty-specific, electronic health records (EHR) system, announced today that EMA Dermatology™ had the highest number of dermatologists successfully attest for meaningful use among dermatology specific EHR systems for the 2012 attestation year. Based on numbers from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), as of January 2013, a total of 362 dermatologists successfully attested using EMA Dermatology, Modernizing Medicine’s CCHIT Certified dermatology specific EHR system.

The ONC, along with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), recently compiled a list of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems used for the attestation of meaningful use under the CMS Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs. These programs provide a financial incentive for physicians that demonstrate they are “meaningfully using” certified EHR technology by meeting thresholds for certain objectives established by CMS.  For physicians who want to attest for meaningful use in 2013 and earn their incentive payments, now is the time to implement an EHR system.

“EMA, which received CCHIT certification in February 2012, did not have any attestations prior to August 2012,” said Michael Sherling, MD, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Modernizing Medicine. “For successful attestations using EMA from August 2012 to December 2012, an estimated $6.5 million in meaningful use incentive dollars will be distributed. We’re thrilled to have helped those physicians earn their well-deserved dollars and honored to have them as customers.”

“Our five-physician practice attested for Meaningful Use in 2012,” said Dr. Jonathan Weiss, a dermatologist with Gwinnett Dermatology in Snellville, Georgia. “By doing our documentation with EMA Dermatology, it was easy for us to attain it. The system kept track of the parameters, and it turned out to be a simple process. Any physician who attests for the first time in 2013 can earn a $15,000 rebate from the government.  As long as they learn and follow the guidelines, they should be able to easily obtain it with EMA.”

Many physicians using Modernizing Medicine’s other specialty-specific EHR systems, including EMA Ophthalmology™ and EMA Optometry™, have also successfully attested for meaningful use. Providers must demonstrate meaningful use every year to receive incentive payments, and the sooner physicians attest in 2013 the sooner CMS will provide payment.  For more information visit www.healthit.gov.

Since launching in 2010, Modernizing Medicine has expanded to save over 2,100 providers time and money with EMA, including over 14% of the dermatology market.

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Modernizing Medicine is delivering the next generation of electronic health records (EHR) technology for the healthcare industry. Our product, Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), is a cloud-based specialty-specific EHR with a massive library of built-in medical content, designed to save physicians time. Available as a native iPad application or from any web-enabled Mac or PC, EMA adapts to each provider’s unique style of practice and is designed to interface with hundreds of different practice management systems. Today, Modernizing Medicine provides specialty-specific offerings for the dermatology, ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics and plastic surgery markets, and to more than 800 physician practices across the country.  In 2013 Modernizing Medicine was listed at No. 47 on FORBES annual ranking of America’s Most Promising Companies.
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