ModMed® Reveals Latest Software Innovations Aimed at Saving Time and Boosting Efficiency


Advanced features in its orthopedic-specific solution, designed to save physician time, to be showcased at the AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 22, 2022 — Time-saving voice recognition and improved documentation features, all designed to help orthopedic surgeons spend more time in the operating room and less time doing data entry, have been added to ModMed’s award-winning EMA® orthopedic EHR since AAOS 2021.

“Our physicians see 50–70 patients per day without a scribe, and EMA helps them remain efficient throughout their day,” said Nicole Fick, project manager, Michigan Surgery Specialists. “They love that EMA adapts to their preferences and that the cloud-based platform allows them to access charts from home. Also, use of protocols enables them to enter comprehensive patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment data with just one click.”

“Because our orthopedic software is designed by orthopedic surgeons, we understand which innovations can save physicians precious time,” said Albert Norweb, general manager for Orthopedics and Pain Management at ModMed. “We’re proud to showcase what we’ve accomplished since AAOS 2021, but this is just part of our ongoing commitment to improve our products and features continuously to help orthopedists in their day-to-day work.”

The newest time-saving enhancements include:

  • Nuance Autotext Feature in mobile EMA. While on the go, whether on our phone app or tablet, you can dictate more quickly than ever! It can be as simple as stating “insert exam,” and given a common exam note, you can accept default exam values or modify accordingly.

  • Improved Clinical Workflows. Through our relentless pursuit of reduced “click diet,” we have introduced a number of clinical enhancements that allow our users to move more seamlessly in the product and finish notes faster. These include Quick Plan Edits, streamlined radiology workflows, and our new Body Click Awareness feature.

  • Patient-Reported Chief Complaint, History of Present Illnesses and Virtual Check-In. Patients can complete their CC/HPI prior to the visit or when checking in online for their visit using APPatient™ or on the Kiosk in the office. This feature can boost efficiency, save time, and may help reduce errors and fixed costs for the practice.

These are a few examples of ModMed’s commitment to making everyday orthopedic workflows easier and faster.

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