ModMed Reveals Progress on Advancing AI

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Company shares key pillars for developing artificial intelligence across its practice solution centered on trust, transparency and accuracy

BOCA RATON, Fla. — March 6, 2024 — Practice technology leader and EHR pioneer ModMed® unveiled today its progress with embedding AI across its suite of solutions in ways the company has determined will make the most significant contribution to improving healthcare. 

“True value in AI lies in alleviating the drudgery of administrative overhead that burdens healthcare,” said Dr. Michael Sherling, Cofounder and Chief Medical and Strategy Officer at ModMed. “Our focus is on reducing staff burnout while freeing up providers’ time to do what they enjoy most, providing direct patient care. Bringing AI into the equation should save practices time by reducing administrative tasks that typically fall on the medical provider, their clinical staff and their administrative staff.” 

“We’ve taken responsible, explainable, AI forward and have organized our development around the core tenets of trust, transparency and accuracy,” said Cofounder and co-CEO, Dan Cane at ModMed. “We have made progress on multiple projects in areas that we believe will deliver the greatest impact to our clients and ultimately create a better experience for providers, staff and patients.”  

ModMed is advancing AI across its practice solutions, some of which are currently in development and include:    

AI-assisted documentation: Beyond transcription. 

ModMed is developing a solution that leverages machine learning to capture key content from doctor-patient conversations and suggest relevant details for visit notes. The company’s vision is for AI-powered documentation to enhance ModMed’s already advanced structured data approach, which powers the entire practice workflow to streamline the care process even beyond the visit note. ModMed’s solution has the advantage of relying on specialty-specific de-identified data to train the AI model for increased accuracy. 

AI-assisted patient collaboration: Fielding requests. 

Patients and practices are constantly playing phone tag as the front office staff spends countless hours every day trying to reach patients and facilitate their requests. Applying AI to automatically route messages​ to appropriate contacts in a practice, enable patient self-service, and improve practice response times will deliver a better patient experience while reducing the time and resources medical practices spend on administrative tasks such as booking and rescheduling appointments, managing patient bills and answering routine questions.

AI-assisted claims processing: Flagging denials.

A high first-time denial rate can burden staff and impact a practice’s bottom line. Often, these denials are due to incomplete information and require extra work to resubmit. ModMed is looking to apply AI to help identify and flag claims that have a high risk of denial before submission, taking pressure off of the practice billing team.

These initiatives, amongst others, are currently in various stages of development. For ModMed customers interested in participating in pilot programs, contact us at [email protected].

To learn more about ModMed, please visit modmed.com.

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