New Alliance To Improve Dermatologists' Practices and Lives

ORLANDO, FL – January 20, 2011—Practicing dermatology just got a lot easier.

Increasingly burdened with billing and documentation requirements, dermatologists can spend two or more hours of their day on non-patient care busy work. Now through a remarkable alliance between Inga Ellzey, Inc. and Modernizing Medicine, Inc., that’s all about to change.

“We have created more than just an EMR,” says Modernizing Medicine’s co-founder and practicing dermatologist, Michael Sherling, M.D., M.B.A. “We call our product EMA, which stands for Electronic Medical Assistant, because like a great medical assistant, EMA makes your day flow more smoothly, helps you to take excellent care of your patients, and gets you home more quickly.”

Through touch-screen technology, a patent pending adaptive learning engine, and a deep domain of medical knowledge, EMA allows a dermatologist to document a patient encounter in less than a minute, generating a note, a lab and/or pathology slip, prescriptions, and a bill.

“I have never seen anything like EMA,” says Inga Ellzey, president and CEO of Inga Ellzey Practice Group Inc., the most respected name in dermatology practice management. “We do not give our endorsement of a product lightly. But we feel our billing customers would benefit greatly from this product and have negotiated a discount for them. We know that just like Inga Ellzey Inc., Modernizing Medicine has the dermatologist’s best interests at heart and will be an industry leader.”

Inga Ellzey, Inc. is hosting a documentation, coding, and practice management conference at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from January 20th to January 22nd. Dr. Sherling will be one of the featured speakers and will be demonstrating EMA on January 21st to the expected 400 attendees. Ms. Ellzey and Dr. Sherling will be available throughout the conference to answer questions and demonstrate how their innovative alliance is about the change dermatology.

“My patients are important to me. So is my family. With EMA, I now have more time for both of them. And even some for myself,” says Dr. Sherling.
About Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine, Inc. (https://www.modernizingmedicine.com) was founded by Daniel Cane and Dr. Michael Sherling, and is privately held. Mr. Cane was one of the co-founders of Blackboard, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB) and was the founder of Kadoo Inc. Dr. Sherling, a Yale and Harvard trained dermatologist, is in private practice in Palm Beach County, FL.

Modernizing Medicine’s offering, Electronic Medical Assistant or EMA, was announced at the meeting of the American Association of Dermatologists in Chicago, in August, 2010, and has since gained significant acceptance in the dermatology community. Designed by practicing dermatologists, EMA enables physicians to truly save time and money in their day-to-day operations. The offering takes a completely new approach to patient information capture and processing, using the latest in Internet and touch screen technologies for ease of installation and use. As a Software-as-a-Service offering, it only requires a web-browser equipped PC or Mac, with no other hardware or software on-site at the medical practice.

For more information, contact:
Bob Nagro, Chief Operating Officer
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