Preparing for the
New Normal in Healthcare

Finding Success With a Cloud-Based EHR, Practice Management Software, Billing and Revenue Support, Patient Engagement Tools, and Virtual Capabilities


Preparing for the
New Normal in Healthcare

Finding Success With a Cloud-Based EHR, Practice Management Software, Billing and Revenue Support, Patient Engagement Tools, and Virtual Capabilities


Are You Ready for the Patient Volume Rollercoaster?

Models predict that the coronavirus crisis will ebb and flow for the foreseeable future. Whether those models are completely accurate or not, the new normal in healthcare is here. And we’ll all have to adjust. So what does this mean for your practice?

It means that the way you’ve practiced in the past might not sustain future success. Your practice may experience surges of patients into your office coupled with periods of closing your doors where you may need to rely heavily on services such as telehealth. Which means that you need to be more agile than ever, whether it’s through an all-in-one EHR and practice management system with a variety of patient engagement tools and mobile functionality or business operations services that can help you navigate the financial instability of the times.

Is your current system ready for this reality? More importantly, are you ready?

URGENT COVID-19: Prepare Your Practice for Reopening and the New Normal

10 tips: To prepare your practice for the mew normal - learn more

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Searching for Opportunity in Inopportune Times

Unfortunately, you’re most likely seeing fewer patients right now. And if you aren’t using tools like telehealth, your number may be even less. Lower patient volumes may abate over time, but it doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again. So what you do now could impact your practice’s success in the future.

The opportunity lies in the fact that, with a lower volume of patients, your practice can take this time to make larger changes. Say, for instance, building out your virtual capabilities with a telehealth-enabled EHR system that can enable you to treat patients remotely when they can’t come into your office. By addressing these larger concerns now and updating your practice with modern software, you can feel more confident when you reopen your practice fully.

ModMed telehealth - Video conferencing for your medical practice especially during the COVID-19 pandemic - Learn The Benefits

Adjusting to the New Normal


What exactly is telehealth? As a physician, how can you implement and use telehealth? Are there tips for other roles in your practice to consider? Knowing how to use innovative tools like telehealth are going to be key to practicing in the future.

Watch Now: Launching Telehealth at Your Practice


What financial strategies and opportunities can you turn to during the crisis? Is telehealth reimbursed? Are there tips you can implement to strengthen your practice now and in the future? Learn how you can benefit from the assistance of others during this difficult time.

Watch Now: Maintaining the Financial Health of Your Practice

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What’s the plan for your practice, your physicians and your patients? How can you build your virtual practice right now? How are you handling the training of staff? Do your patients even know if you’re open through digital means? For your practice to be running in this environment, having an operational plan is a must.

Watch Now: Lessons Learned in the Field – Building Your Telehealth Virtual Practice


Your Practice is Open—Virtually

Whether we go through periods of closures or not, patients are now expecting mobile and digital avenues to seek your care. So supplying your practice with the tools and services it needs to address the future delivery of healthcare should be a focal point in these trying times and beyond. Engaging your patients before and after their visits may be important to how they feel about the care they receive which, ultimately, could decide whether they come back or suggest you to their friends and family.

Does your current EHR system prepare you with all of these patient engagement tools?

iphone showing ModMed telehealth

ModMed® Telehealth

Helps you provide personalized care virtually through video chat with high-resolution capabilities.

female on computer at home

Patient Self-Scheduling

Help patients engage in their care while creating a convenient experience for both patients and staff.

ModMed pay terminal

ModMed Pay

Integrated payment processing that offers convenient payment options to patients.

male on computer at home

Patient Portal

Provides your patients with around-the-clock access to their healthcare data.

female on phone getting text message

Patient Reminders

Automates appointment confirmation, which may help reduce patient no-show rates.

hand holding phone with reviews

Patient Surveys

Helps you get feedback to better serve your patients and improve their satisfaction.

Next steps? See our technology for yourself.

When it’s Time to Fully Reopen Your Practice, Will You Be Ready?

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