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Create Efficiencies

Nearly effortless documentation and billing in EMA

What is your time worth?

How important is it to save time in your day? Is getting out ahead of your workload, seeing more patients or getting out of the office ahead of time a priority? The Electronic Medical Assistant® EMA™ has been designed for the ophthalmologist’s workflow and to help physicians move through exams faster and save time.


Why type when you can tap your way through an exam?

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Touch-based, mobile EMR

No writing required. No post-exam transcribing. EMA gives you keyboardless documentation that enables you to tap through an exam and generate your notes and bill on the spot and face-to-face with your patient. It’s goodbye to shelves full of hardcopy records and hello to freedom with all of your patient information contained in a mobile device smaller and thinner than a single paper chart.

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Ophthalmology knowledge, at your fingertips

Doctor-engineered, EMA Ophthalmology® has been developed by ophthalmologists to give you the specialty-specific knowledge you need in a data-driven solution. Simply touch your screen to access medical wisdom and workflow tailored to your unique style of practice.

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Intuitive user experience

No two doctors are alike. Your workflow and preferences, including treatment preferences, are unique. A good assistant knows this and anticipates your next move. So does EMA. You’ll feel like you designed EMA yourself just for the way you practice.

Adaptive Learning

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Can EMA read your mind?

No, but it might seem like it based on the way EMA adapts to the way you work. Our intelligent EMR system’s predictive algorithm learns the way you practice, remembers previous treatments and anticipates your next move. That level of responsiveness enables you to work faster without interruption to your workflow.

Enhance Your Workflow

From the first point of patient contact to the last, EMA improves your workflow. Designed to enhance the way you practice as an ophthalmologist, EMA intuitively adapts to help you move through an exam faster. Integrating with hundreds of practice management solutions, EMA seamlessly integrates for complete 360° workflow.

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Access Data Virtually Anywhere

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Cloud-based and mobile, EMA is everywhere you are.

With EMA Ophthalmology, you have the freedom to access patient data virtually whenever and wherever you want it. You no longer need to worry about the limitation of being tethered to an on-site server.

Document Effortlessly

Documenting your notes is as easy as tapping through an exam on a lightweight, mobile iPad that you can hold in the palm of your hand. It goes where you go. It works like you work. Free from writing or typing, you can work faster.

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Say goodbye to charting

And say goodbye to paper and shelves of charts. Imagine if every patient chart you have is accessible through a 1/4-inch thick iPad. Space-saving, time-saving EMA gives you greater freedom.

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Focus on your patients

Patient care is your top priority. Deliver greater face-to-face care and patient interaction without the burden of cumbersome documentation methods. With EMA, the only thing standing between you and your patient is the standing ovation for the care you give.

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Eliminate Cloning

No patient is the same. No documentation should be either. Your notes should be as unique as the people you treat. EMA gives you a template-free EMR system that eliminates cloning. But even better than that, without templates, EMA’s algorithim-based system means you have data-driven patient care

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