Engage patients and add a new source of revenue with our telemedicine app

Engage patients and add a new source of revenue with our telemedicine app

By 2021, the Telemedicine Market Will Be Worth Nearly $70 Billion

bar graph of projected telemedicine industry growth from $23 billion in 2015 to $67 billion in 2021

Will Your Practice Be Part of This Extraordinary Growth?

modmed® Telehealth helps dermatologists to:


Maximize Your Time

  • Address routine dermatology issues fast, whenever you’re ready
  • If a patient misses an appointment, treat another while you wait
  • Get up and running fast—our integrated solution has minimal learning curve

Increase Your Income

  • Better reach patients who have geographic or time constraints
  • Get paid for your time instead of using unbilled, unencrypted communication

Improve Convenience

  • Save all data in one place—eVisit records are automatically added to modmed® Dermatology
  • Practice telemedicine when you want, instead of scheduling video conferences into your busy day
  • Access patient records on your phone during eVisits with our cloud-based EMA™ EHR app

Discover What Telehealth Can Do for Your Practice

A familiar face for them. A new source of revenue for you.

modmed Telehealth app on smartphone

Designed for modmed Dermatology Users

Using our innovative store-and-forward telemedicine platform, dermatologists can treat, diagnose and advise patients in mild cases where a virtual visit is appropriate.

Let’s face it. You already take their calls at all hours of the day, usually without any supporting visuals to help you diagnose. With modmed Telehealth, you can get paid for your time while providing a richer patient experience.

smiling doctor and patient interacting in exam room

The Unsocial Network

It’s easy to join this growing industry, but be careful of telemedicine networks. Many of them could potentially require you to treat patients you’ve never seen before or assign your patients to other doctors. At Modernizing Medicine®, we believe the face-to-face relationships, history and trust you’ve established with your patients are essential for delivering your best care. That’s why we’re not part of a telehealth network.

Working with practicing dermatologists, we designed our dermatology telemedicine app to build upon your doctor-patient relationships, not replace them. You’ll know every patient and have their records at your fingertips in our cloud-based EMR system, so you can deliver a high-quality virtual experience. Plus, having an offline relationship makes it easy to escalate an e-Visit to an in-person visit if needed, since not all clinical scenarios can be solved through telemedicine.

Respond at Your Convenience

Our physicians wanted a solution that wouldn’t interrupt their dermatology practice workflows. Live video conferencing telemedicine solutions often take away from time spent seeing patients in person, so modmed Telehealth uses store-and-forward technology instead. This lets you treat patients at the time that works for you. After all, they’re your patients, and it’s your time. Keep both.

Use of Telehealth services to expand practice access report for IA

Optimize Your Performance

To help you enhance care and revenue, we provide analytical reports on your Telehealth visits and patients. Uncover hidden trends and opportunities by applying filters, including:

  • Date
  • ICD-10 code
  • Treatment
  • And more

Be Part of the Future of Healthcare.

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