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EMA Outcomes & EMA Grand Rounds

The Data Revolution – Power and Knowledge at Your Fingertips

No other EMR system has it. No other EMR system gets it. No other EMR system is powered by the EMA Network™. Fueled by over 15,000,000 patient encounters and more than 3,300 providers. Growing by thousands of new patient encounters every day. Clinically driven. Powerful. Smart. Join the EMA Network.

In today’s fast paced clinical environment, providers must do more with less.  Less time. Less support. Fewer resources. You demand an EMR system that makes you more productive. Goes beyond a simple collector of static clinical data. That’s why physicians choose the Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA). No other EMR system matches the power of EMA and its cloud-based approach to collecting and storing patient information. Create, visualize and consume treatment data to better care for your patients. Join the data revolution. Feel the power of the EMA Network.

Powered by the EMA Network, EMA Outcomes™ displays, with the simple touch of a button, a visual timeline of a patient’s diseases and treatments over time. Never before could physicians so easily determine if a patient’s conditions are improving or declining over time. Depicted in an easy-to-understand graphical format, historical clinical data is presented to make care better. No more flipping through paper charts. EMA Outcomes is a data revolution. Experience the power of the EMA Network.

Powered by the EMA Network, EMA Grand Rounds™ instantly analyses and synthesizes clinical data across the entire EMA Network. Gain instant access to disease specific popular treatments, all in clinical context, all in the palm of your hand. Search within your patient base or practice base, or across the entire EMA Network. Gain knowledge that can empower better patient care. No other EMR system lets you instantly tap the knowledge of an entire network. That’s EMA Grand Rounds™. Visualize the power of the EMA Network.

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