Be More Productive and See More Patients with an Electronic Medical Record Designed For You.

Doctors using our Electronic Medical Assistant™ (EMA) for their practice’s EMR system consistently save 60 to 90 seconds on every patient they see.  This adds up to an average of 1 to 1½ hours—everyday.  By using our keyboardless, touch-based EMR, our physicians can focus on treating their patients.

We offer the most powerful Electronic Medical Record Systems for Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic, Orthopedics and Otolaryngology.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

EMA Documentation Time
Keyboardless Entry 00:00 seconds
Generating Patient History 00:15 seconds
Virtual Exam Room 00:45 seconds
Total Time 00:60 seconds

EMA is faster than handwritten notes, making your practice more efficient.  Using EMA adds time to your day…and time is money.

Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant is the first Electronic Medical Record system that is designed to put more time back into your day with a simple, intuitive design that enables you to provider better care to your patients and save time during each visit.

With EMA, you only have to enter data once to create your patient encounter summaries, referral letters, patient treatment plans, and prescription orders. 


Simplify Your Practice

Our EMR doesn’t just save you time, it actually makes practicing medicine easier. EMA comes preloaded with hundreds of impressions and plans right out of the box. EMA knows medicine—it includes textbooks worth of medical knowledge built in to help you diagnose and treat even the most difficult cases.

EMA’s adaptive technology uses predictive algorithms to learn how you practice and adapts to your unique style of medicine. The conditions you treat most often are moved to the top of the list, no more clicking through to find your most common treatments. And EMA can remember your laser settings, units of Botox used for a given area of the face and even your choice of anesthesia and suture for biopsies. Input anything once and EMA will remember. Like a great medical assistant, EMA anticipates what you need without your asking for it.


Drive Down the Cost of Operations

EMA is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) EMR. This means you don’t need to buy or maintain any onsite hardware or equipment and your data is accessible anytime, from anywhere, from any device with no upfront cost. Instead of residing on a computer in your office, the application is provided by Modernizing Medicine from our secure data center.  All of your data is continuously backed up and securely encrypted to ensure privacy is maintained to the highest legal standards.



Utilize a Superior EMR Solution

EMA was built by physicians for physicians, and is designed precisely for your specialty. Everything you need is built-in to one intuitive and powerful platform that leverages the most advanced technology available.

No templates, no macros, no fuss. And EMA is fully ONC-Certified for Meaningful Use.






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