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All-in-one, orthopedic-specific suite of solutions designed to help reduce screen time and manual work for your entire practice. From the #1 ortho-specific PM* to revenue cycle management to award-winning support, our end-to-end solution can help increase your practice’s efficiency and streamline your operations.

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Take your broken, patchwork systems and throw them out.

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Premium Analytics

Gain visibility on overall practice performance with:

  • Drag-and-drop to create customizable reports
  • Robust, easy-to-read dashboards with actionable data
  • Drill-down capabilities to identify areas of improvement

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Patient Engagement

Increase convenience and keep patients engaged with:

  • Automated appointment reminders for email, text and phone
  • Fully integrated Patient Portal with self-scheduling
  • Telehealth capabilities, patient satisfaction surveys and more

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Practice Management

Streamline operations and meet efficiency goals with:

  • Automated insurance verification to help catch coverage gaps
  • modmed® Kiosk to help reduce manual data entry at check-in
  • ModMed Pay for text-to-pay and online payment options

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Does your current EHR system prepare you with all of these patient engagement tools?

Our system is intended to improve efficiency with better use of data, which could lead to better outcomes.

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Premium Patient Connect

Helps practices get patients more involved in their care by offering convenience, accessibility and open communication.

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Patient Self-Scheduling

Help patients engage in their care while creating a convenient experience for both patients and staff.

ModMed pay terminal

ModMed Pay

Payment processing that seamlessly interfaces with Practice Management to offer convenient payment options to patients.

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Secure Messaging

Let patients communicate with your practice in real-time via text with our private, two-way messaging solution.

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Patient Reminders

Automates appointment confirmation, which may help reduce patient no-show rates.

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Patient Surveys

Helps you get feedback to better serve your patients and improve their satisfaction.

What Your Peers Are Saying

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Samantha Childs, Billing Administrator, Panhandle Orthopedics

“With the automatic coding suggestions that EMA provides we were able to handle all of the billing operations in house and eliminate our outsourced coding and transcription services, saving the practice about $2,000 a month and saving staff time with a more streamlined workflow. ”

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Jessica Nin, Practice Manager, Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder

“EMA and Practice Management have completely changed the dynamics of our workflow. Since implementing this all-in-one system, our office has increased efficiencies, reduced the amount of external resources needed, and improved communication.”

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Gabby Hawkins, Practice Manager, Spine Care of North Texas

“Communication has improved between our orthopedic billing department and front office staff now that we all work out of the same orthopedic practice management system. Our front office staff can easily see financial information to answer patients’ financial questions. “

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