gGastro® Hardware Compatibility

Compatible Printers

gGastro® utilizes network printers (black and white or color laser) that are compatible with Microsoft Windows. Many, if not all, printers recognized by Windows (with or without a print server) should work with gGastro.

Label Printer

  • Dymo LabelWriter 350, 400, 450, 450 Turbo Label Printers, and 550

Compatible Scanners

IMPORTANT: Scanners require TWAIN drivers to operate in gGastro.
The use of multi-function printer, scanner and copier devices is not recommended.

Canon Scanners
DR-2010C, DR-2510C, DR-3010C, DR-4010C, DR-6010C, DR-6050C, DR-7090C, DR-7550C and DR-9050C.

Epson Scanners
DS-530 and DS-860.

Fujitsu Scanners
FI-4120C2, FI-4340C, FI-5015C, FI-5110C, FI-5220C, FI-5530, FI-5900C, *FI-6100, FI-6130, FI-6130Z, FI-6140, FI-6230, FI-6240, FI-6670A, FI-6770, FI-6800, *FI-7160, *FI-7180, *FI-7260.
*ONLY compatible with gGastro versions 4.54 and above.

Panasonic Scanners
KV-S1026C mkii, KV-S1027C mkii, KV-S1057C mkii.

Xerox Scanners
Documate 510

Card Scanners (gPM™ Only)
Inuvio EcoScan i4d (DocketPORT 488)
Inuvio OCR software is compatible to work with Twain-compliant scanners. Scanner quality has a direct correlation to the accuracy and read rate that is provided by the hardware, so those with higher ratings are suggested.

Please note that not all drivers are coded to the same standards. The client’s IT team is responsible for testing any printer or scanner not on the approved list.

Compatible Video Capture Cards for Procedure Room Workstations

Osprey Video 260e (Not compatible with Video Recording feature as of 4.71)
Osprey Video 915 (HD)
Osprey Video 925 (HD)
Osprey VB-US USB Video Bridge Capture Device (HD)

Video Capture Card and Processor Compatibility Matrix

Video Capture Card and Processor Compatibility Matrix

All #KWRM cables are custom cables created by Control Cable, Inc.

To purchase customized cables from Control Cable:

Primary Contact:
Toll Free: 800-269-4411
Direct Line: 443-690-3028

Secondary Contact:
Susan Stewart

*Please include the email address of both contacts on all email purchases.

Please note: Production and delivery time for custom cables may vary. Control Cable will give an approximate delivery date at the time of checkout

Disconnected Video Capture Workstation Application

This application is needed when gGastro is unavailable, or the network connection is down. Please refer to the Install Disconnected Video Capture for gGastro® QRG on Communities for more information.

Disconnected Video Capture Workstation Download

Compatible Vital Signs Monitors

CPM 8 is equivalent to the Passport 8 monitor. (CPMs are sold by distributors)
CPM 12 is equivalent to the Passport 12 monitor (CPMs are sold by distributors)
Criticare 8100E nGenuity
DataScope (Mindray) Accutorr 7 (Software Version 3.5)
DataScope (Mindray) Accutorr V
DataScope (Mindray) ePM 10M/12M series
DataScope (Mindray) Passport 2
DataScope (Mindray) Passport 8 (Supports CO2)
DataScope (Mindray) Passport 12 (Software Version 5.0)
DataScope (Mindray) Passport V
DataScope (Mindray) Spectrum
DataScope (Mindray) Trio
GE B125
GE B40
Mindray cPM8 and cPM12
Mindray ePM 10M/12M series (NEW)
WelchAllyn Spot Vital Signs LXi 45NTO
WelchAllyn VSM 6000 Series (Software Version: 1.70.03)

Vital signs monitors (with the exception of the WelchAllyn models) must have an available serial port (DB-9) in order to interface with gGastro. Please check with distributor prior to purchasing monitors.

Vital Signs gMonitor Workstation Service Download

gKiosk™ and gGastro® Mobile Hardware Requirements

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology supports the latest device operating system version for gKiosk and the two most recent device operating system versions for gGastro Mobile.

Each application works with the device listed below:

gKiosk Device: iPad

gGastro Mobile Devices:
iPhone: iPhone 5S and newer
Android: Phones that support Android Version 8.0 and higher

Technical Documents

The latest version of the Technical Requirements document can be found on ModMed® Communities or by clicking here.

gGastro® 5.x Desktop Agent

Desktop Agent is required on any gGastro® 5.x workstation that will use any Ancillary Devices, such as Image Capture, Scanning, Importing, Printing, Card Scanning, and Label printing.

Desktop Agent Download

Desktop Agent Release Notes

Video Streaming

Beginning with gGastro version 5.0, video streaming recording is only compatible with Chrome browser.

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