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You are busy. Very busy. But if you’re settling for late-night documentation, efficiency issues, or not being able to connect with remote patients just because you’ve heard that switching EHR systems is painful, then we have good news. We’re making it simple for you to make the switch to Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology. Here’s how.

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  • With an internet connection and browser, we make office setup of our cloud-based #1 GI-specific EHR system* quite simple
  • Once set up, you can get started right out of the box with GI-specific content and workflow built in
  • Plus, our intuitive interfaces are easy to learn and are designed to speed up documentation by minimizing clicking and typing


  • Our all-in-one EHR and Practice Management system offers multiple solutions to help you address workflow, patient engagement and billing concerns
  • The cloud-based platform offers flexibility and mobility, while avoiding expensive server upkeep
  • Structured data gives you insight into your practice performance


  • Practicing gastroenterologists who help build and update the system regularly work with clients to understand their needs
  • We provide dedicated and award-winning** customer support members with GI experience
  • Our implementation team members make sure you start out on the right foot and stay that way
*2020 Black Book
**2018 Customer Service Department of the Year—Customer Sales and Service World Awards®; 2017 Customer Success Team of the Year—SIIA Company CODiE Awards

Your Practice is Open—Virtually

Whether we go through periods of closures or not, patients are now expecting mobile and digital avenues to seek your care. So supplying your practice with the tools and services it needs to address the future delivery of healthcare should be a focal point in these trying times and beyond. Engaging your patients before and after their visits may be important to how they feel about the care they receive which, ultimately, could decide whether they come back or suggest you to their friends and family.

Does your current EHR system prepare you with all of these patient engagement tools?

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Helps you provide personalized care virtually through video chat that’s compliant with HIPAA security requirements.with high-resolution capabilities.

modmed pay terminal

modmed Pay

Integrated payment processing that offers convenient payment options to patients.

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Provides your patients with around-the-clock access to their healthcare data.

female on phone getting text message


Automates appointment confirmation, which may help reduce patient no-show rates.

hand holding phone with reviews


Helps you get feedback to better serve your patients and improve their satisfaction.

What Your Peers Think

Michael Weinstein, MD, President and CEO, Capital Digestive Care

Michael Weinstein, MD, President and CEO, Capital Digestive Care

69 providers

“As president, I value saving money and improving operations, but as a physician, I need to care for my patients. Since we went to gGastro Cloud, we’ve had significant improvements in consistency and speed.”

Samuel Gun, DO, FACOI, Tri-County Gastroenterology

Samuel Gun, DO, FACOI, Tri-County Gastroenterology

7 providers

“The beauty of having all-in-one gastroenterology software is that it simplifies our processes and reduces redundancies. Having the whole chart accessible in one easy-to-use system is very beneficial for patient care. In addition to increased transparency, I spend less time documenting and more time with patients.”

Alan R. Malouf, MD, PA

Nichole Burke, RN, ASC Clinical Director, GI Specialists of Georgia

30 providers

“Modernizing Medicine has been great to work with, and their team is always responsive. The gastroenterology software technology and the people at Modernizing Medicine have helped us improve the patient experience.”

†Provider counts may fluctuate.

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