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Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing Services

New billing and coding regulations. A pandemic. Uncertainty. Gastroenterology practices have had a lot of disruption over the past year. And if you don’t have full visibility into your financial picture, these changes could be impacting you in ways you aren’t fully aware of – yet.

This ever-changing landscape is one of the reasons why our ModMed® gBOOST™ Revenue Cycle Management service is more important than ever.

Many of our clients have turned to our ModMed® BOOST revenue cycle management (RCM) services to develop the financial resilience needed to grow in the face of constant change.


Our Medical RCM Services Can Help Your Practice:

  • Work through medical coding challenges
  • File claims and handle denials
  • Gain visibility into your revenue cycle
  • Collect patient balances
  • Stay current on billing regulations
  • Get more value out of our PM software
  • Stay focused on long-term goals

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Jamie Flores, Nurse Manager

Jamie Flores, Nurse Manager

“Small practices find it more difficult to cope with revenue loss, but the gBOOST team I have been assigned took the time to understand our practice workflow and created streamlines to increase revenue.”

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