Support for Our All-In-One Software Suite Is ALL About You


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See What Everyone Is Talking About

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At Modernizing Medicine, you don’t just have one person working for you—our entire company is at your service. From ENT-specific training and onboarding throughout implementation, to on-going support and advisory services, we’re committed to helping your practice be successful and it shows.

How amazing is our customer service for ENT? Just ask our clients.

Jessica Nin, Practice Manager, Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder

Kenneth Gwinn, MD
HARMONY Center for Surgery of the Ears, Nose and Throat

“It’s nice to know that your voice is heard. It’s nice to know that if you identify an issue that you think could be made better, there’s somebody working on it There’s somebody that’s engaged and there’s going to be a solution forthcoming.”

Customer Service Excellence

When our people and technology come together they do great things.

There for you in multiple ways

We bring in-depth ENT knowledge and experience to every interaction with your practice.

Implementation & Onboarding

Our implementation team is focused on ENT—they understand your workflow and best practices.

Go Live Support

Our ENT-specific team will help optimize your use of our EHR system, EMA®, and walk you through any concerns.

On-Going Support

Our team members are a click or a call away, and many have previous specialty medical practice experience.

Self-Paced Learning

Expand your knowledge with our digital sandbox, online courses, community support board and more.

Specialized Support

Need help with MIPS or practice finances? Enlist the help of our advisory services.

In-App Support

Clients receive guidance and support directly within applications.

Are you getting what you need from your current EHR vendor?

Find out, with the ModMed Otolaryngology Customer Support checklist.

Support for Our All-In-One Software Suite Is ALL About You

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