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Modernizing Medicine’s® Practice Management system

The modern approach to practice management.

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Don’t just manage your practice; optimize it. Our all-in-one system for scheduling, document management, billing and reporting helps you transform the clinical, financial and operational aspects of your practice.

Unify practice flow to deliver superior care.

A practice performs at its best when it functions as one. Whether you’re finding an appointment or a patient in an exam room, having an all-in-one solution that bridges the gap between the front and back offices can create better experiences for you, your practice and your patients.

Medical expertise meets business acumen

We worked with practicing physicians and their staff to design the comprehensive PM solution they wanted – flexible, helpful, intuitive and built to address specialties’ unique needs. Our game-changing PM system integrates seamlessly with EMA™, enhancing your practice’s workflow to drive better accountability and communication. This, in turn, creates better operational visibility, helping improve the health of your practice.

Here’s what our system can do for your practice:

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Improve patient and office flow

Speed up check-in and checkout

Address A/R with a fresh approach to billing

Measure the success of your business with metrics-driven reports

See it for yourself

Physician to Physician

The best advice you can get on a PM system is from another physician who uses it. Get firsthand accounts from our clients with our success story videos and case studies, or let us put you in touch with a physician who uses our PM system.

Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management system is designed by experts that would actually use the system in their own practice. It is everything a PM system should be; the sequencing is logical and the screen view is easy to understand.
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The system is integrated with EMA Dermatology for a seamless patient flow from beginning to end of the visit. It is amazing how the communication amongst the staff has improved by using this all-in-one system. The layout is easy to navigate, enhancing our workflow and making everyone more efficient.
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