Short On Staff?

Short On Staff?

Staff Retention in Healthcare Resources

Rethinking your staffing strategy

It’s about time to tackle turnover

Healthcare workers are leaving their jobs due to retirement, burnout, a better work/life balance, pay and overall job satisfaction. If you’re reprioritizing your focus to recruit, retain and re-engage staff, our staffing series provides tips, best practices, and helpful guidelines to deal with healthcare staffing shortages in your practice.

1 in 5

healthcare workers quit during the pandemic1


healthcare leaders report recruitment challenges2

$500,000-$1 million

cost of physician burnout per doctor3

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Ready to rethink your staffing strategy? Our blog series was created to help.


It’s about time for a change


It’s about time to up your hiring game


It’s about time you set up for success


It’s about time to tackle staff turnover

29% of healthcare workers have considered leaving the industry, mainly due to burnout4


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Physician Burnout: Causes and Strategies to Combat It

It’s about time to combat burnout

Building Practice Resiliency Through Emotional Intelligence

It’s about time to raise your EQ

1 in 2 employees are seeking better pay/benefits5


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