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Driving MIPS Performance with the modmed Pledge

Now that the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is here, your income depends on your ability to show high quality compared to your peers. You need a proven performer to help you achieve success, and Modernizing Medicine® has your back.

As a leader in value-based healthcare for specialty practices, we have an established track record in Meaningful Use and PQRS, with thousands of successful attestations and submissions. This is a key indicator of MIPS readiness, because 85% of MIPS is based on Meaningful Use and PQRS for 2017.

Modernizing Medicine can provide you with everything you need to achieve MIPS success

  1. Industry leader in specialty-specific content and usability
  2. Built-in MIPS composite score reporting and data submission
  3. Robust analytics and benchmarking tools tracking your performance in real time
  4. Patient engagement tools featuring telemedicine, patient kiosk and patient portal
  5. Concierge coaching and advisory services
  6. Web and mobile solutions

Modernizing Medicine’s MIPS Advantages

Our award-winning, 2014 ONC Certified EHR, EMA™, provides a complete MIPS solution that lets you:

  • Collect your MIPS data within the flow of the exam
  • Track your MIPS composite score and progress on each measure
  • Benchmark your performance against peers in real time, helping you adjust as needed to stay ahead of the payment curve
  • Earn ACI bonus points effortlessly with our automated Specialized Registries
  • Skip the hassle of attesting on the CMS website – our MIPS Registry lets you submit your Quality, ACI and IA data directly to CMS
  • Help increase your income and avoid penalties

Built-In MIPS Scorecard

Your MIPS composite score factors in three weighted performance categories: Quality, Advancing Care Information (ACI) and Improvement Activities (IA). A fourth category, Cost, will be added in 2018. EMA gives you an easy-to-read MIPS scorecard right in the EHR, allowing you to track your progress on each category:

MIPS score

MIPS in 2017 and Beyond

Under MACRA and MIPS, providers will be measured across a number of different performance criteria and paid on a curve. By 2022, physicians who outperform their peers may receive up to a 9% potential bonus payment each year, while those who lag behind on their reporting may receive up to a 9% annual penalty.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about MIPS.

Leading the healthcare industry in value-based care solutions and support for your specialty practice.


For a small fee of $500 per provider, Modernizing Medicine will help you avoid a negative Medicare payment adjustment in 2019 for not participating in 2017 MIPS. If your provider participates in our MIPS Assistance program during 2017 and still receives a 2019 negative Medicare payment adjustment, we will credit the $500 back to you.

This service includes:

  • MIPS preparation and planning session
  • Monitoring of your participating providers’ MIPS reports
  • Monthly progress report
  • Remote submission assistance

Service Fee: $500/provider

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We believe that no one is more qualified to support value-based healthcare. So, we’ve decided to back that up with our MIPS Assistance program.

MIPS Advising*

We also provide an alternative solution for MIPS success. For an investment of $300 per provider per month, our Advisory services team will work with your participating providers to attain a 2019 exceptional performance Medicare payment adjustment.

This is a high-touch experience featuring:

  • A dedicated MIPS advisor
  • MIPS preparation and planning session
  • Monitoring of your participating providers’ MIPS reports
  • Monthly progress report
  • Four (4) 1-hr MIPS report review sessions per practice
  • Unlimited MIPS email support from your MIPS advisor
  • Submission checklist
  • Remote submission assistance


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*Additional terms and conditions apply.