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ModMed® AI Ambient Listening Pilot Program

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As artificial intelligence rapidly transforms the healthcare industry, we are in the pilot phase of developing a ModMed AI Ambient Listening solution that could help make clinical documentation easier, helping providers and medical assistants move away from clerical functions toward more clinical care.

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What Is ModMed® AI Ambient Listening?

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We’re developing an AI solution designed to listen to provider-patient conversations, prepopulate suggested structured data — not just transcriptions — into the visit notes, and improve the patient experience with more face-to-face interactions.

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Your Participation Is Vital

To help train our AI model, we’re looking for current EMA® customers to participate in our pilot program by recording the audio of encounters with consenting patients using recording capabilities native to EMA.

Benefits of Participating

  • Opportunity to help train an AI model with your clinical conversations to produce a better product
  • Real-time visibility into how much time you’re spending with patients
  • Eligibility for an early bird discount if the product goes live
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Recording Is Easy

Thanks to the audio-recording function built into EMA, capturing conversations with consenting patients is easy. Download a quick reference guide, or watch helpful step-by-step videos:

How to record for the iPad

How to record for the iPhone

Making Privacy a Priority

As part of our commitment to your privacy and that of your patients, audio recordings will be converted to redacted transcripts to power our AI model.



What is the ModMed® AI Ambient Listening Pilot Program?
ModMed AI Ambient Listening Pilot Program is the development of a solution that leverages machine learning to suggest structured elements of a note based on the natural doctor-patient conversation that occurred during the visit. At ModMed, we envision a world where the AI solution we design alleviates staff burnout, restores the joy of practicing medicine, and improves the patient experience.
Is ModMed AI Ambient Listening replacing the job of anyone in my practice?
ModMed does not counsel practices on how to staff their clinics. Instead, we seek to develop solutions that reduce the administrative burden of the practice of medicine. We hope that ModMed AI Ambient Listening will help enhance the efficiency of your current staff, helping to minimize attrition.
How do I express my interest in participating in the ModMed Ambient Listening Pilot Program?

If you are interested in participating, please visit modmed.com/ambient-listening or email [email protected].

Who will contact me after I express my interest in the program?
A representative from our Customer Success team will be in touch with you to provide details on next steps.
What support will be provided by ModMed before and during my participation?
Our Customer Success team will check in with you over the first 30 days to facilitate the start of your participation and answer any outstanding questions. Feel free to contact our team at any time at [email protected].
What forms of consent will I need to obtain from patients?
To record patients for the pilot phase of this project, you will need to obtain two consent forms from your patients: one for HIPAA authorization and another to use their voice and audio as part of the ModMed AI Ambient Listening Pilot Program.
How will my practice collect patient consents?
ModMed will provide templated patient consent forms for this pilot. These consent forms can be issued to your patients upon check-in or in the exam room, depending on what works best for your practice. We suggest incorporating the consent forms into the kiosk workflow at the front desk to be presented before the patient sees the provider. If you have not implemented the kiosk, feel free to incorporate the consent language into your existing consent workflow.
Do my patients need to provide consent at each visit?
The general voice recording consent only needs to be signed once. You may wish to include the HIPAA authorization as part of your annual consent workflow.
How will physicians and medical assistants know in the exam room that patient consent was successfully attained?
The consent collection process, whether from the front office or in the exam room, will always be at the discretion of the practice and will depend on your workflows. Once patient consent has been obtained, we recommend adding a Sticky Note in EMA to document their response as either “Ambient Listening Consent – YES” or “Ambient Listening Consent – NO”. Remember to update this Sticky Note if the patient’s consent preferences change. In the future, we expect to include a flag within EMA to indicate whether written consent has been provided. In addition to the written consent, providers must ask everyone in the room for verbal consent before recording that particular visit.
Do I need to obtain consent from anyone other than the patient?
Yes, everyone who might be included in the recording (including practice staff and patient guests or guardians) must sign the general consent for the voice recording. Only patients need to sign the HIPAA authorization.
How do I perform the recording?
ModMed has a recording option built into the EMA app (iPad) and PocketEMA™ app (iPhone), which will be enabled for your practice after your practice signs the contract for the pilot program.
Do I need to communicate directly with the patient that they are going to be recorded if they have already provided their consent?
Yes, before you start recording, you must receive verbal consent from everyone in the room that they agree to record the visit, and you must indicate in the app that this verbal consent was received before the recording functionality is enabled. This process supports patients’ privacy by allowing them to agree to participate generally but decline recording if a particular visit is especially sensitive.
When do I need to start recording?
Please begin recording at the start of the visit, before any clinical conversation takes place, and after you have verbally confirmed that the patient and others in the room are comfortable proceeding with the recording.
Do I need to speak in a particular way for the recording to work properly?
No. Clinicians can speak as naturally as they would if a scribe were in the room.
Are there any device restrictions (i.e., desktop, iPad) for performing the recordings?
Recordings can be done either via iPad in the EMA app or via iPhone in the PocketEMA app.
Can I pause and resume a recording during a visit?
Yes. You can pause and resume a recording at any time. Note on the pause: Your recording will NOT be saved when you pause it; it will only be saved when you press the Stop button.
What happens if my recording device loses power during a recording session?
If you lose power mid-recording, the recording will be lost. Please keep recording devices charged when possible and monitor low battery levels prior to recording.
How much will this product cost when available?
Pricing for any future ModMed AI Ambient Listening product has not yet been determined.
How does my practice benefit from participating in the ModMed AI Ambient Listening Pilot Program?
Participating providers may have the opportunity to provide feedback on the ModMed AI Ambient Listening development process, and your participation has the potential to improve healthcare technology and operations. If ModMed proceeds to a beta testing phase for ModMed AI Ambient Listening, select participating providers will receive temporary access to the solution at no cost. Please note that the existence, timing, and scale of beta testing are subject to ModMed’s discretion and may vary depending on practice and specialty. If the ModMed AI Ambient Listening solution proceeds to a general release product, providers participating in the Pilot Program will be eligible for an early bird discount on the product.
Could ModMed AI Ambient Listening help improve billing?
Because ModMed AI Ambient Listening will use audio recordings and transcripts to facilitate documentation, we hope the tool will make it easier for providers to accurately document the services rendered during the visit and to provide clinical documentation that supports the billing codes. Ultimately, it is the provider’s responsibility to review and confirm all documentation and coding.
Will this actually help my practice or just be another piece of technology that slows my practice?
The intent of the ModMed AI Ambient Listening Pilot Program is to develop a solution that can help save time and costs in the most cumbersome elements of clinical documentation. We will only release the product if and when we are confident in its ability to deliver on that objective..
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