Modernizing Medicine Introduces ModMed synapSYS, a Development Platform and Suite of Application Programming Interfaces

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Built on FHIR, this solution empowers data liquidity and connection between the company’s leading EHR, EMA, and Practice Management systems and the healthcare ecosystem

June 11, 2020 – Boca Raton, Fla. Specialty-specific health information technology leader Modernizing Medicine® today announced ModMed® synapSYS, a new app development platform and suite of application programming interfaces (APIs). ModMed synapSYS was designed to allow third-party providers, healthcare institutions and the developer community to easily interface Modernizing Medicine technologies with other parts of the healthcare ecosystem. Data portability between disparate health data systems is now more important than ever as industry stakeholders seek to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. With ModMed synapSYS, data sharing between Modernizing Medicine’s specialty-specific electronic health records (EHR) solution, EMA®, and Practice Management (PM) system and third-party systems can be virtually seamless and can align with current workflows.

modmed-synapsys-healthcare-marketplace“ModMed synapSYS is our contribution to advance healthcare interoperability. We’ve intentionally opened up access on our platforms and created development communities to make it easy to interface with Modernizing Medicine,” shared Daniel Cane, CEO and co-founder of Modernizing Medicine. “With the industry now standardizing with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) APIs, it’s helping all parties in the healthcare ecosystem speak the same language, and cloud-based technology has an advantage in this arena. Modernizing Medicine looks forward to seeing how industry-wide adoption of FHIR will help make it easier and more secure for the healthcare community to integrate with our solutions to achieve inter-organization data liquidity. Modernizing Medicine wholeheartedly supports the government’s goal of patients having access to their own records and for interoperability among healthcare IT systems.”

Applications available on ModMed synapSYS, known as synAPPS, leverage Modernizing Medicine’s API and other interface technology, which acts as an extension of EMA. This enables bi-directional information sharing for a variety of data formats, including clinical data, patient demographics, insurance information, documents and attachments and more. For practices using PM, the API also enables data sharing for payments, account balance and appointment information.

Built using the latest FHIR standards, the synAPPS ecosystem provides Modernizing Medicine users with the flexibility to easily interface their current technologies with the EMA EHR and PM systems. The company’s API is intended to allow the use of third-party solutions in conjunction with Modernizing Medicine’s products.

With access to pre-built solutions as well as the ability to easily create unique applications, ModMed synapSYS is intended to enable communication between critical health IT platforms such as customer relationship management (CRM), patient engagement, care coordination and other software with Modernizing Medicine’s cloud-based technologies.

“It’s an exciting time for healthcare, and we look forward to our continued relationship with Modernizing Medicine,” says John Meewes, CEO and co-founder of Providerflow. “ModMed synapSYS provides our company with the tools necessary to help enhance clinical operations and improve patient care. Our mutual clients will benefit from interoperable data and document automation solutions. This can help reduce the cost of care and ensure that providers across multiple care settings readily have access to the information they need.”

To learn more and explore the interoperability solutions currently available in ModMed synapSYS or to submit an app, please visit

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