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Create Efficiencies

Effortless documentation and billing in EMA

What is your time worth?

Apart from caring for patients, you need quality time outside of your office. EMA Gastroenterology™ can help return time to your day by remembering your preferences, ranging from tests and prescriptions for your most common diagnoses, to colonoscopy preparation instructions. Save valuable time and accurately speed your way through exams. You, only more efficient.


Say goodbye to tedious typing or writing

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Touch-based, mobile EMR

You’re always on the go, and your electronic medical record (EMR) system needs to keep up. EMA Gastroenterology’s native iPad app with touch and tap technology helps you work more efficiently and from almost anywhere – office, hospital, ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or home.


Specialty knowledge, at your fingertips

Your GI practice is covered. Whether you focus on general gastroenterology, or specialize in inflammatory bowel disease, interventional GI or hepatology, or a broad mix, EMA Gastroenterology has the breadth and depth of knowledge you need. Templates and macros aren’t necessary since the medical content is already built in. EMA Gastroenterology has what you need and understands your workflow.

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Intuitive user experience

Built by gastroenterologists, EMA Gastroenterology is here just for you. An EMR system that knows what you need, when you need it. Whether seeing patients in the office or completing procedures in the hospital or ASC, EMA Gastroenterology allows you to capture endoscopic images instantaneously from most endoscopy manufacturer’s equipment. Yes, it’s that easy. Complete procedure notes with annotated images created directly in your patient’s chart. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Adaptive Learning

A well-trained medical assistant, in the palm of your hand

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Intelligent and highly customizable

More than an EMR system, EMA Gastroenterology is an integral part of your team. EMA remembers your preferences and anticipates your needs, including the symptoms and diagnoses you see most often. Simply put, EMA Gastroenterology helps you practice more efficiently.

Enhance Your Workflow

EMA seamlessly fits into your workflow and into your technology ecosystem

GIs are special. From office to ASC to the hospital, your workflow is unique, and EMA Gastroenterology is there to support you wherever you go. It allows you to access your patient’s chart whenever you need to, not just after you’ve entered the patient’s room or during your procedure. Working right alongside you, EMA saves you time and allows you to focus on what matters most – caring for your patients.

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Access Data Almost Anywhere

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Access patient data anywhere, anytime

An EMR system hosted in the cloud enables you to safely access patient data from almost anywhere. Don’t turn your back to your patient, but use your iPad to document the visit. Document with a web-enabled Mac or PC only when it’s the right thing to do. Learn more about cloud computing.

Learn why it’s better in the cloud

Document Effortlessly

EMA makes documentation easy. With one touch on the screen, data automatically populates where it should throughout the system. A few taps and you're done. You don't have to re-enter information or update charts later. The efficiency reduces minutes spent on each patient visit.

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Say goodbye to charting

Moving from the office to the hospital to the ASC creates havoc with paper charts. Who has the time? EMA Gastroenterology enables you to document every detail of the visit and procedures as it occurs, generating complete procedure notes. CPT and ICD coding completed in seconds. Interesting history details that you want to dictate into EMA Gastroenterology? Use EMA Gastroenterology’s speech to text functionality powered by Nuance to enhance details when you need to.

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Focus on your patients

Your focus is on your patients, not the paperwork. Use EMA Gastroenterology’s native iPad app to tap in the chart while you’re face to face with patient. No turning back now.


Eliminate cloning

Say goodbye to templates and macros. The structured data captured by EMA Gastroenterology creates unique patient notes resulting in a medical record unlike others in your practice. Documenting in EMA’s Virtual Exam RoomTM creates a unique  and complete record. Efficient and done.

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