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modmed® Kiosk

Free Up Your Staff and Save Time with our iPad Patient Kiosk

Stop the paperwork shuffle going on behind your front desk with modmed Kiosk, our electronic patient app available on the iPad. Easier for your staff and more engaging for your patients, it’s a great way to cut down on paper clutter and eliminate errors that come with hours of tedious data entry. Plus, it comes with a one-time implementation fee and no additional monthly charge.

Why Choose modmed Kiosk?

  • Shorten time spent filling out forms
  • Help ensure patient data is complete and up-to-date
  • Make doctor-patient time as valuable as possible
  • Eliminate manual data entry to improve staff productivity
  • Improve patient satisfaction and engagement
  • Stop having to collate, scan, input and store paper forms
  • Reduce chances of human error
  • Move toward an eco-friendly paperless office flow

Free up More Time for What Matters Most

modmed kiosk in ipad

Instead of having endless amounts of paperwork for patients to fill out and staff to sort through and enter, simply hand your patients an iPad and have them enter their information while they wait to see the doctor. modmed Kiosk then automatically loads everything into Modernizing Medicine®’s EMA™ EHR system, including:

  • Pharmacy information
  • Medical, social and family history
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Review of systems
  • Consent forms
  • And more
A recent study found that patients are increasingly dissatisfied with the amount of time and effort they’re spending on recounting medical information and waiting in doctors’ offices or pharmacies.1

The Value of Patient Engagement

modmed kiosk in ipad

It’s not just about saving time—it’s about delivering seamless, cutting-edge experiences and making patients feel like an integral part of the healthcare conversation. That’s why we worked with real patients and medical professionals to build modmed Kiosk. Together, we designed a friendly interface that’s easy for patients of all ages and backgrounds to use, yet powerful enough to help you better engage them before, during and after the visit.

In just a few clicks, staff can review and accept patient-entered data, so you’ll already have the new info in EMA during the exam. This gives you more time to explore deeper aspects and focus on the important issues. No more asking patients about their history when they’ve already filled out several forms about it.

A recent survey of over 12,000 patients found that the more technology the physician is perceived as using to manage the patient’s healthcare, the higher the trust level patients have in their provider.2

Not only does modmed Kiosk build trust by showing patients that you’re on the leading edge of healthcare, but also it truly involves patients in their own care. They’ll see the data in their record every time they visit and understand that they’re held responsible for its accuracy. This encourages them to keep their data thorough and up to date, which, in turn, makes them more likely to use other patient engagement tools like our patient portal, modmed® Patient.

1 Surescripts, 2016

2 Black Book, 20176

Maximize Your Potential MIPS Incentives

Under MIPS, specialty physicians can earn financial rewards for using technology like patient kiosks to engage patients and deliver better care. modmed Kiosk makes it easy to meet a variety of MIPS measures, including:

Quality Category

  • Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record
  • Preventative Care and Screening: Unhealthy Alcohol Use
  • Tobacco Use and Help with Quitting Among Adolescents

Improvement Activities (IA) Category

  • IA_BE_17: Use of tools to assist patient self-management
  • IA_BE_22: Improved practices that engage patients pre-visit