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Create Efficiencies

Nearly effortless documentation and billing in EMA

Because every minute matters

Because every minute matters…in your medical practice and in your life. Otolaryngologists using EMA Otolaryngology™ EHR system will experience the benefits of EMA’s fast, touch-screen documentation and coding, helping them see more patients or leave the office on time, confident that the medical record is complete.


Say goodbye to tedious typing or writing


Touch-based, mobile EMR

EMA Otolaryngology’s iPad-based EMR system makes completing your patient’s exam before you leave the exam room easy. After finishing the exam, all prescriptions, bills, lab requests, patient education documents, notes – everything – can be complete. No need to recreate or rewrite – EMA’s touch-based technology does the work for you.


Otolaryngology knowledge, at your fingertips

EMA Otolaryngology was built from the ground up by otolaryngologists, for otolaryngologists. No one knows your specialty better than you, so EMA was created with your own medical knowledge and special ENT needs in mind.

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Intuitive user experience

Created by otolaryngologists, EMA thinks like you do, just like your best trained medical assistant. A good EMR system should be simple, fast and smooth to use. EMA is.

Adaptive Learning

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Intelligent and highly customizable

Even though EMA was built by otolaryngologists just for you, every physician practices in his or her own unique way. EMA is intuitive and remembers your preferences – no advanced training required. EMA will show your top preferences and adapt from patient to patient. This is provider-specific, so your most ordered tests and most commonly seen diagnoses may differ from those of your partner in the office next door. With no templates or macros required, EMA goes beyond what most EMR systems can do.

Enhance Your Workflow

EMA seamlessly fits into your workflow and into your technology ecosystem

EMA’s exam set was built specifically for otolaryngologists, so it fits right into your workflow – doesn’t work against it. The ENT exam is already laid out for you. It describes the findings as you think of them as a head and neck surgeon. The plans are customized for each individual diagnosis, and designed in a way that ENT doctors think of that diagnosis.

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Access Data Almost Anywhere

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Access patient data virtually anywhere, anytime

A cloud-based EMR system simply makes good business sense. You can access patient information virtually wherever and whenever you need it, and from almost any web-enabled Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone. Forget maintaining an on-site system. With EMA, you don’t need to. Learn why it’s better in the cloud

Document Nearly Effortlessly

EMA makes documentation easy. With one touch on the screen, data automatically populates where it should throughout the system. A few taps and you're done. You don't have to re-enter information or update charts later. The efficiency can reduce time spent on each patient visit.

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Say goodbye to charting

Enter information once, and you’re done. Charting is a thing of the past. Generate an operative note, including every step you’ve done, in seconds per patient. And because each note is generated specifically for that patient, you shouldn’t run the risk of cloning.

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Focus on your patients

With EMA, you can document on an iPad in the exam room face-to-face with your patients, not turn your back to them to type on a computer. Because the device is so small and can rest in the palm of your hand, you can maintain eye contact with your patients during the exam, giving them better patient-doctor interaction.

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Eliminate cloning

EMA Otolaryngology captures data for each patient using its touch-and-swipe technology, so you don’t have to worry about typing in notes for each patient. This makes the medical record more accurate for each patient. You can document each HPI and procedure with the touch of screen, making each exam unique.

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