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Integrate Seamlessly

EMA integrates seamlessly for smooth end-to-end workflow

EMR software tailored to otolaryngology

EMA Otolaryngology™ is the specialty-specific, cloud-based EMR system that you have been waiting for. You can access EMA virtually anytime from anywhere – in the exam room or your living room. EMA was designed to interface with hundreds of practice management systems so you shouldn’t have to switch. Touch-based, EMA adapts and remembers your preferences from patient to patient. EMA makes it easy.

Integrate with your Otolaryngology Ecosystem

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EMA fits right in to your team and workflow, right out of the box. EMA uses single data entry to automatically scribe notes, write procedure notes, automate forms and billing, electronically prescribe and generate patient education, so you can spend more time with each patient instead of documenting.

Leverage Deep Medical Knowledge

EMA includes textbooks worth of medical knowledge built in to help you diagnose and treat even the most difficult cases

EMA Otolaryngology has specific medical knowledge and diagnoses built directly into it. As a result, you can move through an exam faster and your notes in EMA can be much more detailed and accurate.

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EMA fits into your way of working

EMA knows how you like to work, and adapts from patient to patient. Because EMA thinks like an otolaryngologist, your work day is streamlined and documentation is made easy.

Interactive Anatomical Atlas

The EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas is a zoomable 3D layered way to manipulate body images. You can click on very specific areas of the ear, nasal cavity, larynx and pharynx to document your findings – without typing. The Atlas is patient-specific, so you can see men vs. women, and adults vs. children.

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Ease of Use

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No macros, no templates, no fuss

EMA makes it easy. The touch-and-swipe technology on the iPad means no laborious typing, no macros and no templates. Plus EMA’s native iPad application was built for otolaryngologists with mobility in mind. You didn’t go to medical school to be a data entry specialist. With our intuitive touch-based EMR, you can finally treat your patients, not your computer screens.

Support You Can Trust

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A world class EMR system is only as good as the support team. Modernizing Medicine’s Client Services department strives to help you succeed, regardless of the level of support required. From day one they’ll help you assess the best way to integrate EMA into your practice. For example, do you and your staff require on-site training, or will web-based training suffice? We are here to help, every step of the way.

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