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Think you don’t have time to switch to a new EHR? You don’t have time to wait.

Urology-specific software from Modernizing Medicine® now provides more speed and adaptability than ever before. And we’re making it simple for you to make the switch. Here’s how.

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  • With an internet connection and browser, we make office setup of our urology-specific EHR system* quite simple
  • Once installed, you can get started right out of the box with urology-specific content and workflow built in
  • Plus, our intuitive interfaces are easy to learn and are designed to speed up documentation by minimizing unnecessary clicking and typing


  • Our all-in-one EHR and Practice Management system offers multiple solutions to help you address workflow, patient engagement and billing concerns
  • The true-cloud-based platform offers flexibility and mobility, while helping you to avoid expensive server upkeep
  • Structured data gives you insight into your practice performance, while the adaptive learning engine learns how you practice and adjusts appropriately


  • Practicing urologists who help build and update the system regularly work with clients to understand their needs
  • We provide dedicated and award-winning customer support members with urology experience
  • Our urology-specific team makes sure you start out on the right foot and stay that way and helps ensure your implementation is as seamless as possible
ModMed Urology software suite on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch

Updated and enhanced time-saving features include:

  • Simplified tracking of patient health historical data
  • Timelines to help spot disease progress trends to assist with Chronic Care Management
  • Increased efficiency by avoiding cumbersome templates
  • Quick and easy documentation of visits using intuitive protocols

In addition, our NEW Pre-Testing Urinalysis Workflow helps:

  • Document results quickly by exception
  • Avoid entering results line-by-line
  • Auto-enter results into EMAⓇ, our urology-specific EHR**

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Edward Jurkovic, DO, Digestive Disease Consultants

James Roth, General Manager, Urology Group of Southern California

“EMA has allowed us to cut down on the time that our providers spend entering notes by orders of magnitude over other systems we have tried.”

Patient Engagement Tools— Saving Time. Adding Convenience. Fostering Loyalty.

Patients expect mobile and digital avenues to seek your care.

Providing innovative tools for your urology partice’s patients can help simplify scheduling and payments and save you valuable administrative time.

iphone showing ModMed telehealth

ModMed® Telehealth

Helps you provide personalized care virtually through video chat with high-resolution capabilities.

female on computer at home

Patient Self-Scheduling

Help patients engage in their care while creating a convenient experience for both patients and staff.

ModMed pay terminal

ModMed Pay

Integrated payment processing that offers convenient payment options to patients.

male on computer at home

Patient Portal

Provides your patients with around-the-clock access to their healthcare data.

female on phone getting text message

Patient Reminders

Automates appointment confirmation, which may help reduce patient no-show rates.

hand holding phone with reviews

Patient Surveys

Helps you get feedback to better serve your patients and improve their satisfaction.

*2020 Excellence in Customer Service Award: Technology of the Year. Annual 2019 Customer Sales and Service World Awards® | Best Use of Technology in Customer Service (Gold Winner).
**Requires Clinitek machine

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