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Create Efficiencies

Document and bill effortlessly with EMA

Why spend extra time filling out forms when every minute matters? EMA Urology™ is designed to eliminate redundancies and maximize efficiency. It remembers your preferences for everything from tests and preparation instructions to your most common diagnoses and treatments. When your documentation and coding process is swift, detailed and intuitive, you can finish exams faster and do more with your day.


Why type when it’s easier to tap?


Touch-based, mobile EMR

An iPad’s touchscreen interface is so simple, anyone can learn to use it. As a native iPad application, EMA Urology lets you simply tap and touch to complete documentation, prescriptions, bills, lab requests, patient education documents and notes. You can finish everything in real time while you’re face to face with the patient, so you’re done before you even leave the exam room.


Urology knowledge, at your fingertips

Your work is far too specialized for a generic, static EMR system. With EMA®, there’s no need to set up cumbersome templates or macros – the urology-specific medical wisdom you need for your workflow is already there. EMA was built to be ready for the way you work.


Intuitive user experience

No one understands how a urologist practices medicine better than a fellow urologist. EMA was coded by urologists who wanted a smarter EMR system that works the way they do, so it knows what you need when you need it. Yes, it’s that helpful.

Adaptive Learning

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Intelligent and highly customizable

Just as urology differs from all other medical specialties, no two urologists practice exactly the same way. EMA’s predictive algorithm learns your practice patterns, remembering your standard preferences so you can have them right there when you need them. It adapts from provider to provider, patient to patient and diagnosis to diagnosis. Like a dedicated medical assistant, EMA anticipates your next move and responds to you every step of the way, without you having to ask.

Enhance Your Workflow

EMA helps you be even better at doing what you do best

With EMA’s support, you can work faster and more easily to deliver the care your patients deserve. With its best-in-class intelligence and clean, responsive interface, EMA shifts the paradigm away from time-wasting data entry and toward a new era of patient-centered care.

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Access Data Virtually Anywhere

Cloud-based and mobile, EMA goes wherever you go.

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You don’t live in your office. So why should your data? With EMA Urology, all your patient data is stored in the cloud and protected using top security practices, allowing you to safely access it from almost any web-enabled Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone. Rather than tethering you to onsite servers, EMA gives you the freedom to operate efficiently from any location.

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Document Nearly Effortlessly

Documentation doesn’t have to be a long and painful process. With EMA, just tap the screen, and data automatically populates where it belongs. You don’t have to re-enter it or update charts later. You’re done.


Say goodbye to charting

With EMA Urology, you can easily document every detail of the visit as it occurs and instantly generate complete procedure notes as well as unique follow-up information. No more staying late to finish your notes or fill out dozens of forms. Want to add additional history details? No need to type; just use EMA’s speech-to-text functionality, powered by Nuance.


Focus on your patients

The reason you come to work is not to fill out paperwork; it’s to treat your patients. EMA Urology allows you to finish documenting an exam quickly, leaving more time for patient care. When you can tap on your iPad instead of typing on a keyboard, you can improve patient engagement. No more turning your back on what matters most.


Eliminate cloning

You don’t treat every patient the same way, and your EMR system shouldn’t either. Templates and macros can generate notes that are identical or nearly identical, which overlooks the unique nuances of each visit and puts you at risk for audits and denied claims. EMA’s Virtual Exam Room™ captures structured data for each HPI and procedure, generating a comprehensive, accurate and unique patient note for every visit.

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