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Created by rheumatologists, just for you

An EMR system designed to work for you, not against you


EMA Rheumatology™ was built especially for rheumatologists who provide attentive care to patients with complicated autoimmune diseases. The field is very specific, with a knowledge base and workflow that separate rheumatologists from internal medicine peers. An adaptive learning engine like EMA Rheumatology’s adjusts to how each physician practices, remembering even the most frequent injection to the commonly required infusions. EMA’s Virtual Exam Room™ collects data as you touch your way through the joint count and other exams using an iPad, helpfully eliminating redundancies and automating communications.

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Born Ready for ICD-10

I used to leave the office and dictate for two hours a day. I would dictate in the car, on the treadmill, at the park, anywhere. Now when I leave the office, my notes are complete and I’m done. My main problem was documenting while I was seeing patients, and now I’m able to complete the note in the exam room. EMA Rheumatology is saving me at least 120 minutes per day and one- third of the cost of transcription.

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