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Modernizing Medicine is proud to sponsor The Ortho Forum and OrthoConnect and its network of orthopaedic physician groups with technology solutions designed to help their practices meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare environment.

Orthopedic Solutions Built by Orthopedic Surgeons

Modernizing Medicine® has taken the approach of teaching practicing orthopedic surgeons how to program software, resulting in an orthopedic suite that feels like you designed it yourself. Choose a solution to learn more.

The Award-Winning
Specialty-Specific EHR System
The Award-Winning Specialty-Specific EHR System
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Orthopedics With EMA®

Ranked #1 among orthopedic EHRs in independent Black Book™ surveys for two years running, our Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA) system brings a new approach to cloud-based EMR healthcare. Built by practicing orthopedic surgeons, our EMR software intuitively adapts to your unique style of practice, remembers your preferences and aids clinical collaboration to streamline your entire process. We’ve rolled the best EMR has to offer into this mobile orthopedic EMR system, giving you a thoroughly modern approach to medicine.

Erika Johnson, Office Coordinator

“Our physicians save at least two hours per day, so they no longer have to stay after hours completing charts. We are so happy we switched to EMA."

Erika Johnson, Office Coordinator
Orthopedic Surgical Specialists – Chattanooga, Tennessee


It’s not easy being in the business of medicine—but ModMed BOOST can help make it easier. Combining people, processes and technology in a true all-in-one solution, ModMed BOOST can lead to better efficiency, smoother communication, a faster revenue cycle, and fewer headaches for you and your staff.

The solution includes:

Orthopedic Practice Management

Help keep your orthopedic practice running smoothly. From pre- to post-visit, our orthopedic practice management software streamlines time-consuming functions like document management, orthopedic medical billing, scheduling and reporting, letting you:

  • Harness integrated case and claim management
  • Create and track your workers’ comp, auto and PIP cases
  • Submit claims electronically or by paper
  • Post your payer and patient payments seamlessly

Business Operations Services

Going far beyond claims processing, this high-touch orthopedic billing and collections service includes appointment reminders, automatic eligibility checks, clear coinsurance data, answering patient billing questions and much more. With our experienced team handling your revenue cycle, your practice can focus on doing what it does best—treating patients.

PM + Services = ModMed Boost

Orthopedics Enterprise Solutions

We’ve built our infrastructure to support small and large practices alike, with development and support teams dedicated to meeting your enterprise practice’s unique needs. Plus, our suite lets you easily access your data and analyze it using interactive dashboards, so you can track KPIs effortlessly and uncover new ways to improve your organization.

How can ModMed® Kiosk save you up to 15 minutes per new patient?

Analytics for Orthopedics

Want to know which physical therapists referred you the most patients? Or whether you’re performing well against your peers now that value-based care is in effect? With our orthopedic Analytics solution, you can unlock those answers and so much more. Our structured data approach can give you insight that you can act on to improve efficiency, revenue and patient outcomes.

Orthopedic Value-Based Care

Now that CMS has switched to value over volume, patient outcomes and costs are under the spotlight. If you don’t meet certain measures, you could lose money. Don’t risk your future revenue. Select a solution that helps you:

  • Collect MIPS data within your existing workflow in our 2015 Edition Certified EHR
  • Track your estimated MIPS composite score and progress on each measure
  • Benchmark your performance against peers on a daily basis
  • Take advantage of our Specialized Registries
  • Submit your MIPS data to CMS from our MIPS CQM

Orthopedic Patient Engagement

Imagine: empowered patients actively participating in their own healthcare, accepting automated appointment reminders on their phone, filling out their medical history electronically, managing their healthcare online, sitting side-by-side with you to look at interactive orthopedic EHR software apps and finally answering an automated patient satisfaction survey on their phone at the end of their appointment. With Modernizing Medicine, you won’t have to imagine any longer. Our high-tech patient engagement tools can help drive better interest from your patients, which could result in better outcomes.

Population Health for Orthopedics

Unlock in-depth insights into quality, care utilization and population trends with our orthopedic EMR solutions. We make it easy to identify at-risk patients, manage those with specific conditions and even make data-driven decisions—all of which are important to improving the health of a population. With our population health solutions, you benefit from:

  • Cloud-based EMR system
  • Structured data
  • Near real-time peer benchmarking
  • Patient engagement tools
  • Integrated health IT suite

Interoperability for Orthopedists

We believe strongly in improving healthcare by making data sharing and EMR interfaces simple. Our push for interoperability aims to improve quality, outcomes and cost-effectiveness for your practice while helping you deliver true coordinated care. We’re dedicated to ensuring that patient data can flow seamlessly between systems.

Patient Collaboration

Discover the latest in accessible and automated patient communication tools helping to decrease call volume and build patient trust:


Prepare patients for visits

Pre-Visit Patient Collaboration


During Visit

Get rid of the clipboard

patient in waiting room using ModMed Kiosk on iPad



Keep patients engaged

patient in waiting room using ModMed Kiosk on iPad



See patients virtually

smiling male patient sitting on couch at home using laptop


Patient Portal

Provide data & record access

smiling male patient sitting on couch at home using laptop


ModMed Kiosk

Move to paperless check-in

smiling male patient sitting on couch at home using laptop


eVue Cloud-Based PACS Platform

Streamline your workflow with an all-in-one imaging solution. Efferent’s eVue cloud-based PACS and image management platform interfaces with EMA and can handle virtually all DICOM modalities.

  • View patient images from EMA on any web-connected PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone using eVue’s browser-based, mobile-friendly viewer
  • Save time and minimize manual errors by eliminating duplicate data entry between your PACS and EHR systems.
  • Perform measurements, make annotations, compare images and more
  • Free your staff from IT headaches, since Efferent can take care of deployment, onboarding, support and data migration for you
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HL7 Modality Worklist Interface

Efferent also offers an HL7 interoperability solution that allows third-party PACS systems to connect with EMA from a single login. It enables referring practices to seamlessly send and receive orders and clinical information to and from radiology centers, saving time and energy in the process.

webpt logo and ModMed ortho suite

WebPT EMR System Interface

EMA interfaces with the WebPT EMR to help improve documentation workflows and practice efficiencies throughout the orthopedic continuum of care.

  • Share pertinent patient information with the patient’s orthopedic team throughout the episode of care
  • Eliminate the need to manually fax or print physical therapy orders and reports
  • Electronically review physical therapy results reports, which helps you save time and document efficiently
  • Reduce manual documentation errors by automatically sharing pertinent patient information between EMA and WebPT

Orthopedic Client Services

When you join the Modernizing Medicine family, you’ll have an award-winning team of dedicated professionals supporting your initial onboarding, as well as your ongoing success with our orthopedic software!

Want to Achieve MIPS Success? We’ve Got Your Back!

ModMed® AMP

ModMed® AMP

Advertise. Market. Promote.

ModMed® AMP

ModMed® AMP

Advertise. Market. Promote.

ModMed® AMP

ModMed® AMP

Advertise. Market. Promote.

Are people finding you when they hit “search”? ModMed AMP is a suite of digital healthcare marketing solutions and services to help your practice get noticed online. You can experience:

  • AMP Website: Personalized orthopedic websites created for search engine success featuring custom blogs and patient education content.
  • AMP Digital Marketing: Digital advertising and performance tracking to elevate your practice across the web.
  • AMP Reputation Management: Manage patient reviews and practice feedback to generate online buzz.

Get Back to the Work You Love

Orthopedic surgeons and their staff don’t have time to be data entry clerks or IT administrators. To thrive in today’s environment, you need to focus on making the right medical and business decisions for your patients and your practice. That’s hard to do when your time and resources are already stretched so thin.

So why not give yourself a break? Our advanced orthopedic software and professional services help streamline and automate the tedious work for you. Instead of problematic servers, undefined data and desktop-only hardware, we utilize cloud- and touch-based technology, mobile devices and specialty-specific functionality to deliver actionable data.

This can give orthopedic surgeons faster documentation, smarter automation, seamless communication and easy access to their data from virtually anywhere, at any time. Best of all, our analytics and benchmarking tools can help orthopedic surgeons uncover valuable clinical, financial and operational insights.

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